The stormy snowy wintery weather 

“The weather is totally messed up these days, guess we are all in for a huge big climate change” Gun Roswell 

The stormy snowy wintery weather 

The image seen, when looking out the window, a messy kind of scene, unexpected on many levels as the dream, for a fun filled winter’s day now in a pile of gooey stuff lay, as the plans of a fun filled snow day flew literally out the window upon seeing the horrid marks left on the window like someone had blown all the sleet haphazardly on the go, smashing and smushing it all, and the winds blowing with so much gusto, were creaking inside the sills and doorways, even tapping on the tin of the roofs, complaining of too much noise as the levels not the choice for a calm winter day, but despite the dismay, it was still great for those whom inside would stay, perhaps in front of the warming fires to lay, read a book or watch a movie, just something soothing for the nerves at the weekend as messing with the outside weather would not be a good option, not today, not when the storms were making their concoctions out of the snow, rain and ice, definitely nothing too nice.

Nightly window view in Winter

“The snow, makes all the difference, don’t you think” Gun Roswell

Nightly window view in Winter

It was once again that time of the season, when for some reason
The expectance of having some much needed snow on the ground
Even if the weather forecast predicted it was nowhere to be found
But those hopeful ones, who dared to wish and upon a star dish
Their deepest and most sacred desires, before they would expire
And so, as the night time once again, like every day, on time fell
Some of the fans of winter, remained seated, by the window sill
And all of a sudden, all their wishes were granted, to the very hilt
As the solemn flakes of frozen ice, across the chilly air, were spied
And where there was one, soon enough, more would definitely follow
Leaving the autumn, grey dull coloured ground anything but hollow
And in the early morning hours, gleeful the cheers of big and small
Were heard where ever anyone looked out of their windows small
The snow had finally landed, and the season just got a whole lot grander

The end of the holiday season

“The holidays have ended and the weather changed too, what are the odds!” Gun Roswell

The end of the holiday season

The ever consuming darkness on the outside
Needs to be shedding, with some much needed light
All the small decorative candles flickering bright
On the window shill, I once painted white

As I watch the weather in constant turmoil
I venture back to the days with seasonal joy
The ground always covered with so much snow
When going outside was fun with only a toboggan in tow

Alas those days may have passed
And the changing seasons are of the past
But somehow the silent smog outside the window
It is still comforting enough, even with a little wind blow

Winter’s window view

“The views from the windows in winter time are simply breathtaking, then again, if you venture to the cold weather outside, then your breath will most certainly be taken!” Gun Roswell

Winter’s window view

The views of the early morning or even mid afternoon, before the darkness arrives in the later time of the day, the sun shining, brightly, for once at least in the middle of this season, the blue skies and fluffy whites up there and the crispness of the cool and cold winter’s air, all those combined, sure do make a wonderful find, when every once in a while, you will remember to look outside the window, the views magnificently monochromic, compared to anything from the summer, but in contrast, these are the times, you don’t mind going back to, in the very heat of the warm season for sure. So, take a good long look, even if it is just the street and the neighbours nook, all covered with the snowy feature, a very cold but still somehow warm blanket of the season, reminding us all, it is time to take it slow and energise ourselves, before the other seasons with warmer weather will soon follow.

Early morning office hours

“The sun only now rising, even if I have been working for several hours” Gun Roswell 

Early morning office hours

It was still very dark, when I first arrived to the setting where office type of working is usually done, and not really the kind of fun, rather something where the laughter is reduced to stun. And the darkness outside, even when seated at the window quite large, does not do too much, as there is nothing to see, not even the bluest of calming seas.

But, luckily, after several hours of arduous labour, there is a somewhat of a nice surprise behind the glass, as the sun has decided to pay a visit, and the rise of it is once again something quite exquisite, leaving the onlooker in a warm fuzzy feeling, the rays lightening the mood, from brooding to smiling widely, and that is a thing not happening very lightly.

So, after several moments of practically bathing in the shining sun, the working day does not seem so totally glum anymore and all the many boring chores, are getting done, while singing a chorus, or at least in the minds of the worker, as they gingerly go on with all their daily duties.

Snow, behind the very window

“We Finns call it the “Taka-talvi”, loosely translated as backslash winter, not fun at all, especially in the supposed spring month of March, that is just so hard!“ Gun Roswell

Snow, behind the very window

Snow, snow, snow, let it snow! But hey, it’s already the month of March, so stop pouring that garbage onto our small suburban, still quite large backyard! (to whomever is listening in). Yeah, you heard me, enough is enough and I am not acting tough here, by any means. Simply telling it as seen over here.

Though, to be honest, the last time shovelling the white stuff, cursing enough is enough, it might have been something the weather deities took to their hearts and out of spite, started pushing more of it, simply to show their might. And hey, on the record: that is not nice! (Shaking fist).

Well, today, after some more work out there, trying all them tricks out of the old sleeve, to rid of the pestering freely flowing white stuff of a thing, which even songs some people about like to sing, at least during X-mas time, go figure, what might be the trigger there! Maybe some state of shock or similar set of mind, trying to be kind here.

“Well, It’s worked so far, but we are not off yet!” Was the snide comment just said, as after the driveway was finally plowed, once again free of the snow, which miles on end you can see, at least, during this time of the year, which is not winter anymore, but Spring, so go ahead, try a song out that sing. It really stopped being funny several moments ago!

Early morning hours

“Looks pretty, the outside with sunshine, snow and freezing temperatures, at least when stalking it from the warm inside“ Gun Roswell

Early morning hours

It looked really cool, the sunshine and the blue
Reflected off the snow, in all the colours hues
The sunshine, totally awesome and sublime
Combined, the wintry scene storybook divine…

Alas, when checking what is the outside temperature
Today, well below the degrees of zero, way too irregular
To have good enough wardrobe to even make it
Out there without several times changing to fit
What ever nature is about to throw your way on this day
So, the decision, becoming very clear and easy
Rather then into so many restricting layers to squeeze in
Closing quickly the curtains and deciding of staying
Inside in the darkened room, where it is always cozy
As the other option of blinding lights and frozen skin
Is not as attempting at all, as the scene just seen
Through the window wide, but that is all quite fine
As now, I’ve got the nice and scenic picture to dwell on
During those hot summer days when the complain is strong

Icy art covering my windows

“Sparkly things all over the windows, must be freezing weather out there!” Gun Roswell

Icy art covering my windows

The rain filed weather front in the early evening, soon was stalled, as the temperatures suddenly dropped. Quickly and without warning, falling, below zero, to the point of freezing. The droplets earlier landing onto the glass of the windows, thrown all over haphazardly by the raging storm, were now frozen solid, to a unified cover very strong.

But as if I watched them glistening in the early morning sun, the patterns emerged, looking like so much fun. As if an artwork of sorts had been swiftly painted, onto the otherwise dull and see through pane. The various small flakes rearranged into various shapes, so many of them there, it was like they were alive as they kept on the change, until the suns warming heat them slowly but surely melted, away.

Window views, with imaginary scenery

“I don’t think I can ever get tired of the scenery outside my window” Gun Roswell

Window views, with imaginary scenery

The many lands, the foreign vistas, the great unknown and all the open possibilities
For the exploration, to what ever lies outside, these empty and dull suburban streets
Behind the frames of this view, ever changing, but still, mostly, the same remaining
Window with the most perfect view, at least in my mind, leaving me feeling, never, ever blue
As I sit at the sidelines, in my usual comfortable seat and think of the open wide
World, just at reach, at least, in my mind, out there, outside, I cannot help but smile
As I gently lull myself into a dream state lazy, and then travelling to all the places
Wherever my own imagination dares me to carry, smoothly, never in any kind of hurry
Having always the perfect amount of time, to explore, to see, to feel, to live in it all
Even if it is never, well really, quite real, it is still, a trip or sorts, out there
Never leaving the comfort of these walls of my sombre home, still, never really alone
Not at least, when visiting these, far away lands in my mind, for the perfect scenery to find

The snowy tracks to follow

“It’s all covered now, the paths to which ever way, nothing to do now, except to slap on a pair of skis to get moving” Gun Roswell

The snowy tracks to follow

A surprise of a winter, put quite the proverbial splinter on our sides, as all the roads disappeared quickly over night. Now, every which way you look, piles and piles of snow each and every place overtook just in a matter of hours, with all the heavy snowy showers. But even if the regular transports, such as cars, bikes, buses and even trains, would be out of order, leaving the weary traveller in disdain. Well, do I have a perfect solution for you, call it, somewhat, old school.

What is it then, that would let you fly across a snowy mountain? Downhill way, is certainly the best escape, from a regular two or four wheeled ride, when you speed ahead with a smile. Or maybe, the exercising lately, has been neglected somewhat, but with this solution, all those so called problems, will be gone by the end of the day. So, here is the deal: slap on a pair of two wooden planks and strap them into your boots, then add two sticks to gain the forward momentum needed and stability to maintain. Yes, they are also known as skis, so, simple right?