The views ever changing 

“The winter weather never ceases to amaze the onlooker, the changes happening on an almost daily bases, from warm to cold and snow to sleet, and this only during one week” Gun Roswell

The views ever changing 

The window view is never boring, the scenery always and forever changing, while every day bringing something new to see, the many faces of winter some say is way too fleeing a season, even if it seems to be lasting forever at least from the point of view of the viewer, having seen nothing but the varied stages of sleet, snow, ice and the same all over again for several months on end. But the scene set before the large frame of the glass, seems to still have something new to show every day passing, whether the sprinkles of ice frozen there until the plus degrees causes them so melt and instead, the trickles of water form patterns changing for each passing moment. So, guess there can be no complaints of why and how long the winter here will stay, at least not to those enjoying watching the views from the warm and comfortable inside, even if there is a snowy winter mess out side waiting to be explored, that is if you dare to take the trip out there, maybe find out even more of the changes.

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