The Spotlight Seat

“The spotlight is always there, on you, wherever you may want to take a respite, a seat in peace and quiet, someone is always, watching every single time, that is the curse, of the spot!“ Gun Roswell

The Spotlight Seat

The seat in the shadows, in a silent and secure spot, supposedly, away from prying eyes, from the many gazes of those whom might thing, taking a respite, is proof of lazy, that anyone wanting to simply sit for a while, letting all others pass by, is something, totally wild and should never be done?

But how wrong are they? As even if for a moment, legs up, butt down you may stay, in that one secure spot chosen for a moment, perhaps, if lucky enough, for a day? As sometimes, taking some time off from it all, as time will never stall, no matter how badly you may want it, it’s a piece of shit, time that is, and never lets you forget, who it is in charge.

So, before those stalkers around, will let you forget, that they are always there, always vigilant and watching, just, close your eyes, never mind the spices, enjoy the little while, in the spotlight of a seat, ignore the heated gazes of the rest of them, and simply concentrate, on the special moment,  for the short spell.

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