Seat to the concrete

“Take a load off, even if you have to scoff, because the seat below, is too hard on to doze off” Gun Roswell

Seat to the Concrete 

Painted in bright inviting colours, those seats, built onto the concrete floors, outdoors no less, and I must confess, it all looks really good, but sitting on that, well, guess there is doubt whether one should, as comfortable it is not, but if it is only a short stop, so, perhaps it will all work, as not all seats need to be as soft, because the lay over is only for a while, before continuing moving along, the trip, not even the long.

Seat sideways Sunday

“Seat in the side of the street, sitting totally sideways just to rest my tired feet, well it’s Sunday after all, so no fuss but to let the time stall” Gun Roswell

Seat sideways Sunday

The day long and sunny, some would say Sunday funny, but the warm weather so soon after a long while of cold and damp and grey, well, it got the better of this weary walker, on a simple Sunday stroll, taken just because, the weather was so nice and beckoning, thinking to be bold and so finally outside venturing, after all, these days, in the times of change, it was still a choice hard to be made, but not on this fined day, of a sunny and warm Sunday, but for a while, after taking the long tour instead and in a while, having a respite along side, was something totally needed and never mind, the passersby, looking at what the lazy one was doing, but not caring a single bit as there was no hurry to do more than just be and enjoy, the day of free, on this quiet and long day, and so, in place for a moment longer staying, before pushing on, showing everyone, this one was still strong after all.

Lazy spot for a Sunday

“There is nothing really much to do on Sunday’s except to find the perfect spot to lay low in for the day, the best kind of stay” Gun Roswell

Lazy spot for a Sunday

The most perfect and softest spot found

And it was certainly not on the hard ground

No, it was a softly cushioned kind of a swing

Which came along with a bell and a ding

That was of course to be able to order service

For whatever kind of desires might rise up

For food or drinks of course, perhaps even 

Entertainment of sorts, such as music or shows

But even without all those things of creature comforts

The simple way of only staying, in quiet laying

Was the perfect way of spending any day

Except usually that was never quite the option

Rather only during these days called Sunday

Was it possible to indulge oneself to lay claim

Of anything personal and not requiring any strain

And so, having found this perfect of the places

There would be nothing on this Earth to remove

This carcass out of the blissful state of non-move

And so, as time passed, even if this moment lasted

Only for the day, there were no regrets whatsoever 

On display

My special spot, the seat for this Sunday

“It is Sunday the whole day once again, and I get to sit on my special seat, for the duration, without delay, as I am going nowhere much, today” Gun Roswell

My special spot, the seat for this Sunday

Once again, time has been gone by in a whirlwind week, without much room to breathe, the Sunday here, like it was just yesterday I was here, in the same place, the clock ticking away. But today, no matter what else there is to slay, work, tasks, life, I will take it easy and stay, in on single spot the whole day, no matter whom shall come a knocking on the door, ceiling or even the floor. I am not moving from my own designated spot.

And if someone would like to call me lazy for this single act of selfishness, then be my guest, as I really could not care less. As it said in the ancient song of the past, Sunday, is my day of rest, and unless you have some other suggestion to make me rethink my current position, then please, leave me alone, seated in my special spot, from the zero hour on the dot, until another one strikes on the clock, my ass is not moving unless nature is calling, or then, if the house around me should be falling. This is my day to stay, immobile and for now, that is a status simply fine.

A seat refurbished

“Recycle is the key word of the day, don’t waste, make good use of all of it even if you are in haste“ Gun Roswell

A seat refurbished

A seat had finally served its former purpose as a sitting surface for all those tired and weary ones, not being able to stand on their own to feet. It could have fared worse of course being thrown into a dumpster of all sorts. But luckily this formerly rickety old stool had an owner who was no fool and a handy one at that. So now, the former seating tool has a new purpose and ain’t that all so totally cool! A new life after some love and care and lots of paint, the former chair of a thing, is now serving, as a flower pot, a useful thing at that, and even good to look at so all and all a good change in life for that old chair now sitting on the porch for all passersby to see. 

The moral of the story here if you haven’t figured it out already is, to never throw good things away, rather reuse and show them some care as they once did serve you and their purpose, so always try to be fare!

Secluded seat off street

“A private seat on a secluded street, hidden away from prying eyes, just so I myself, can spy” Gun Roswell

Secluded seat off street 

The hot and shiny afternoon sun beckons to join the fun
The eternal hustle and bustle of the streets busy with people bees
But I decided to do something completely different instead 
As i found a perfect spot for the duration and on life reflect
So, as i sit here, hidden, quietly and without any disturbance 
I start to spin takes as those passing by with their everyday lives
Unaware of being under a watchful eye of this, self proclaimed spy
Its good too, as the stories now filing my vivid little mind
Are sometimes pretty tales, but often times, really unkind
But nobody knows what is going on at the slow of the corner 
Where this one, life observer keeps on spinning the yarn
Who knows, maybe some day, there is a book out har- har!