The red chair in the corner

“The red chair in the corner of the room, is just begging for someone to sit on it” Gun Roswell

The red chair in the corner

Painted in a bright colour, of red, it was an intent of purpose, to do so, while the old chair was refurbished, as its time seemed to have been over, but instead, someone had a good thought, of making it more all that, to attract, someone to take a load off on it, as a seat in a bright colour, would be quite indistinctive and nice looking for that matter, so it was done, and made to look like a lot of fun, and then placed in there with other chairs, for anyone in need.

Achieving this goal did not take too much, simply some patience, time and a bucket filled with paint, something none to quaint, but rather the flavour of red, and hey, that idea, went quite well, as now, the proud little red chair, there in the corner waits, for anyone to take a seat, and what do you know, it’s now mostly occupied, with tired ones, having a brief respite, and after that short break, and having their batteries charged not just from the sit, but the colour as well.

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