Star Wars the Clone Wars, the Bad Batch and the Mandalorian FanFiction – new stories and updates posted on ao3 and – April 2023

Gun Roswell

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction on Archive of Our Own (AO3) and of adventures in Star WarsThe Bad Batch, The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian.

These tales are categorised by series (themes, pairings, etc.) for easier follow-up as the stories are certainly piling up.

Some tales are the more generic fiction suitable for all readers with continued story lines while others contain romantic themes and are perhaps for the more mature audiences.

I am also in the process of dropping several stories written over the years which have remained in my EDIT pile forever and hating things going to waste so publishing them as raw as they were written! (unedited first drafts.)

These tales follow original story lines diverging from theStar Warscanon. Well , most of them do as some are so called retcon/fixit tales as…

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