Take a seat in the snow if you dare

“The snow is everywhere! It keeps on coming down, and fills the ground and everything else, is lost inside of the white fluffiness“ Gun Roswell

Take a seat in the snow if you dare

The beachside stroll, not so easy, during the winter time, no matter if the sun is shining, because the snow, has taken over the world!

So, for those, daring to venture to the outside, even the seaside, none too open nor wide, during this seasonal time, the benches beckoning to take a load off after a long walk.

But, what will said traveller there find, if nothing but endless piles… yes you guessed it, snow!

Still, either take seat if you dare or then, find a friendly person with a shovel, remove the snow, and voila! A more comfy seat is revealed from the beneath.

Sitting in the sun, even in minus degrees, can be fun!

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