The red chair in the corner

“The red chair in the corner of the room, is just begging for someone to sit on it” Gun Roswell

The red chair in the corner

Painted in a bright colour, of red, it was an intent of purpose, to do so, while the old chair was refurbished, as its time seemed to have been over, but instead, someone had a good thought, of making it more all that, to attract, someone to take a load off on it, as a seat in a bright colour, would be quite indistinctive and nice looking for that matter, so it was done, and made to look like a lot of fun, and then placed in there with other chairs, for anyone in need.

Achieving this goal did not take too much, simply some patience, time and a bucket filled with paint, something none to quaint, but rather the flavour of red, and hey, that idea, went quite well, as now, the proud little red chair, there in the corner waits, for anyone to take a seat, and what do you know, it’s now mostly occupied, with tired ones, having a brief respite, and after that short break, and having their batteries charged not just from the sit, but the colour as well.

Star Wars the Clone Wars, the Bad Batch and the Mandalorian FanFiction – new stories and updates posted on ao3 and – April 2023

Gun Roswell

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction on Archive of Our Own (AO3) and of adventures in Star WarsThe Bad Batch, The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian.

These tales are categorised by series (themes, pairings, etc.) for easier follow-up as the stories are certainly piling up.

Some tales are the more generic fiction suitable for all readers with continued story lines while others contain romantic themes and are perhaps for the more mature audiences.

I am also in the process of dropping several stories written over the years which have remained in my EDIT pile forever and hating things going to waste so publishing them as raw as they were written! (unedited first drafts.)

These tales follow original story lines diverging from theStar Warscanon. Well , most of them do as some are so called retcon/fixit tales as…

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The owner of the establishment on a break (for Caturday)

“There is nothing more proud a creature, than that of a cat, especially since they think they own, everything” Gun Roswell

The owner of the establishment on a break (for Caturday)

The cat at the end of the stairs sat

After all, this was his place of business and nobody else’s to claim

And so, therefore, the whatever else kind of aim

Anyone passing by would like to state

The cat would simply ignore them

Because why not, it wasn’t even a chore

As clearly, the cat was the owner

No matter what any Hooman would like to tell

It would never be an easy sell

Not to the cat and certainly not to the person

Because once a feline had made it clear

The territory marked and without fear

Protecting each nook and cranny of the whole

Come hell or high water or some Hooman doll

The cat would never shy away from its stay

Not when there was the whole house at stake

The red house at the end of the road

“There is just something about red houses, the grandma feel of it all, no matter tall or small in size, they always look so nice“ Gun Roswell

The red house at the end of the road

The colour so bright, it was shining through, in the sun’s light, the greens could not cover or hide it, no matter how much they might just have tried.

Following the path ever so narrow, it was easy to find the yellow coloured doorway, but entering was a tad tricky, as the door seemed to had gotten sticky, but finally making way, for those looking to step in.

But the trip over and getting to have a look-see of what is going on inside of a red house, at then end of the path, was well worth the quest and the trip over to experience this, little house from the ancient past, grandma’s home for sure, or something similar.

The raindrops the window

“Rain, rain and some more rain, guess it is really fine in the end” Gun Roswell 

The raindrops the window

The rain leaves it’s calling card on the windows, marking the surface but luckily not permanent but for at least a moment the markers will stay there, for the simple purpose of admiration with the good kind of sensations there to be found.

And so, observing those tiny droplets getting stuck on the tough glass, forming all kinds of patterns, some of them just splatters really, but still, they have a way in capturing the attention just the same, and as long as they remain, they will the onlooker entertain.

The many faces of the moon

“The moon has many faces, even if it may just show the one to us“ Gun Roswell

The many faces of the moon

The shiniest of balls coming out at night

After winning against the sun its eternal fight

Hanging there on the spot regular as the work of the clock

The moon may be half or less its size, or full which is nice

The way printed onto sky, looking like a permanent smile

Depending naturally on the angle of the current viewer

But see, turn your head just a bit, and there it is!

The wide big grin of the moon – ding ding!

Stuck in a rut 

“On the rocks, in a rut, bummed out, a favourite child has many names as has this particular state“ Gun Roswell

Stuck in a rut 

Sometimes it’s good to be stuck in a rut. Simply calm down and wait for a while, the tide will soon enough rise and let you get unstuck.

But if it seems impossible of a thing to do, then perhaps you really need to think it through. Maybe the state or place isn’t the problem at all, rather the set of mind, trying the progress to stall.

And so, thinking of a new strategy, a new way of life, might just be smart enough, and perhaps sooner or later, you will be able to clear the moorings and move, forward.

Standing small or tall?

“The light its only purpose and only at night, but still this small, tall structure, is so much more“ Gun Roswell

Standing small or tall?

The light of it never failing

Even if at daylight there is really no telling

It’s a simple construct made out of concrete

Something of an eye sore perhaps

But once the day is over and night falls

Time around everyone starts slowly to stall

This structure of sorts comes alive

Shining its light to those at sea forever

Whether on their best path or peril

Never failing to guide them home

This sometimes worshipped light giver of the lore

Jump, they said

“Three is something to be admired about those who dare to dive in without looking – fools they be! Perfect nutters I say!“ Gun Roswell

Jump, they said

They told me to jump

To take the leap of faith

I looked at it for a moment

Hesitated, oh so much

But, then I did

I made the jump

And look where it landed me in!

The perfect puddle

The messy gory muddy puddle

The one perfect analogy

Of life it self

And so here a stand

Being totally and utterly stuck

No movement found




Fine, I will try to move

To get unstuck

It’s just life, right?

Stripes and the Cat

“The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat, but not for long, not when you turn your back!” Gun Roswell

Stripes and the Cat

I am a tiger cat
Hear me roar!

My furry stripes
I am wearing proud
Sometimes picking a fight
‘Cause I like being loud

But when groomed and fed
And safely resting in bed
I am a cute little kitty
Without any hissy fitty

I am a soft kitty
Hear me purr