The red house at the end of the road

“There is just something about red houses, the grandma feel of it all, no matter tall or small in size, they always look so nice“ Gun Roswell

The red house at the end of the road

The colour so bright, it was shining through, in the sun’s light, the greens could not cover or hide it, no matter how much they might just have tried.

Following the path ever so narrow, it was easy to find the yellow coloured doorway, but entering was a tad tricky, as the door seemed to had gotten sticky, but finally making way, for those looking to step in.

But the trip over and getting to have a look-see of what is going on inside of a red house, at then end of the path, was well worth the quest and the trip over to experience this, little house from the ancient past, grandma’s home for sure, or something similar.

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