A Rose by any other Colour

” A rose, smells so nice, you cannot think twice; Just buy the damned flower!” Gun Roswell

A Rose by any other Colour

A rose, neatly cut, neatly coloured, stood in a perfect pose
Just, like in on of the most perfect lines of prose
And guess what, I just had to, stick there, my tiny nose!
Why? Just because…

… the rose is the most prettiest of them all
The rose can stand the times and the falls
The rose does never disappoint you with a sentiment false
The rose comes in sizes great and even small

A rose, by any other colour, or a different odour
Just the perfect cheer for any day or other
And guess that is all one needs before the summer
Why? Just because…

… I love roses!

Happy Valentine’s Day to One and All!

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