Red tram ride

“Ride on the old tram, painted in the colour of red, just because it looks so cool” Gun Roswell

Red tram ride

The old school car of a tram painted in the brightest colour of red, the seats none too many left as everyone and their pet, wanted to take a ride, on the tram car painted so bright.

Hopping in from the stop, and onto the seat plopped, the vehicle slowly but surely starting to move, along the tracks with a potent kind of a groove.

And once on the move, there was no stopping the forward momentum, and so, the rest of the day spent in full admiration, of the nostalgic ride, passing the vistas of the countryside.

Setting sail old school style


“Setting sail from a place where land meets the sea, well of course, why would you want to paddle on dry land?” Gun Roswell

Setting sail old school style

The land lush and green but the outlook of the eternal blue seas is simply too strong to resist and so, choosing a vessel to set sail out there in this sphere also coloured mostly in blue and as the hues are so totally inviting, there really is no way in fighting the urge to get on the waters and sail all across the world.

So, why not select a ship which is made in the ways of the olden worlds, the creaky wooden decks and the somewhat faded sails, all the hard labour before going anywhere else, it all make sense when becoming nostalgic and then boarding on the yesteryear made vessel, as there will be a lot of hassle, just getting out of the harbour.

But the payoff is as good as all the work put into getting the ship out there and when reaching the perfect winds, the ride as smooth as sin, enjoying the time oh so very fine on the blue waters sailing away, until finding whatever was sought there in the first places, maybe it was simple peace or maybe, a good kind of adventure.

Red telephone boxes in the corner, waiting for your call

London, UK

“Phone home from your mobile when travelling, or if you don’t have one, then use the red telephone box to do so! Mom’s waiting!” Gun Roswell

Red telephone boxes in the corner, waiting for your call

When travelling, whether near or far, usually, the nice thing to do I send out an update to all your family, either text or call, or like the new age dictates, post a social media photo, but whatever else the method might be, somewhere around the corner in a big or small town, you can find, the old school telephone boxes, waiting for someone to make the call. After all, you’ll only need a coin, archaic I know, but then with that one you can call, mum, or anyone else, to let them know, you are there, in the big city, travelling, doing your thing. So, in case you lost the phone you were carrying along all along, or then simply the ability to use the modern tech as a thing placing a call, then do make use of the flying machine of the one odd doctor from television, as in this case it’s painted in red so the vision of it should be pretty clear. Find it, make the call, hey thanks that was pretty tall of you!

Old school still working though

“It might be old and busted, even rusted, but it still works just fine, so no need to throw away, am I right?” Gun Roswell

Old school still working though

The old and refurbished whatever it was in the past life, a four wheel drive nevertheless and to confess, some of its parts were cannibalised even from the bikes, not the motorised though, rather the peddling kind, but hey, as long as they all work together in somewhat of a harmony, it all just fine, as this new kind of a transport vessel has now been given new life, from those parts of the ones which came before it.

So, before you judge, this vessel by its cover, or rather the lack there of as it is kind of a hover of a roof on top and nothing much else, but when the heat of summer arrives, this kind of ride will do simply fine, as the air conditioning will always be there, especially when driving, well, somewhat faster than your average kind of a bike. So hop on, enjoy the old school feel of it and perhaps, you too can support this kind of self building, as it is, nature saving in the end.

Low tech

“It might be low tech and old but if it still works, then why would you want to change it? “ Gun Roswell

Low tech

The technology from the past, has far better lasted, than anything modern, which easily break down, as all of it might just be a tad too complex, too small and too thin and way too plastic for their own good. As all of it needs to be so small and light, one single misstep and you will have lost the fight, the tools you need breaking down in front of you, shattering to small piece and you will lose all the data, the life you lead as it is all in there, what you think you need. And then, nothing but darkness will ensue.

But, with the low tech devices, the computers taking the space of houses, the phones with the cords attached to the walls, or sometimes even out here in the good old fashion booths. Well, those are still around, even if they might be hard to found, but the do work, it’s just, you will look like a jerk, using them, at least, that is the common consensus. But, if you are smart enough, use the old school technology wisely, take care of it and maybe, it will out last all the new and fancy gadgets and devices?

Black Car from the beyond

“If you want to drive a car, any car, which may or may not got very far? Well, better then to choose the classic one, as it really can be lots of fun!“ Gun Roswell

Black Car from the beyond

Go and get out there, into the busy streets and do so, in the utmost style, maybe even adorned with a huge big of a smile, because it has been quiet the while, since any kind of vehicle, let alone something so grandiose, has come up your way. And so, this big car of a thing, from the way, way past of ours was brought back from it’s rusty grave and now, it too can sing, at least, if you consider the roaring engine sounds a song of gratitude, after having literally been reborn, as the outfitting and refurbishing now completely done and for this old beast of burden from the beyond, it is a new lease in life and what else is there to do, except to keep going on! And so, hopping on the ride so wide, it takes at least the whole lane of the street, but never mind, it’s all just fine as it is always a treat, to see the admiring peeps along the walkways when this hunk of old but golden metal hums along the streets of the modern world where it was hurled.

Phone Home, or ?

“Our daily lives are so mundane, we get taken over by what is immediately in front of us and we don’t see beyond that” Benedict Cumberbatch


Phone Home, or ?

A dialer device
From a different era
Had to suffice
Let me tell ya
An analog connection
No visual perception
No texting
Sure no sexting
Just a calling machine
The only mean
For ancient times
But oh how time flies
Now we all have
A mobile device

Que Sera, Sera

Going Old School

“Phoning home, never looked more complicated than when you had no coins to put into the slot!”
Gun Roswell

Going Old School

When the phone rang
There always was a pang
Heart skipping
Before finally dipping
To the cool and calm
Answer mode of yesteryear

“Roswell residence, lady of the house speaking”

The conversations often polite
There was no need for shout
The telephone remained in the same old place
Where the books with plenty of names and number remained
The good old days when no one was on
Twenty four seven! Oh come on!
It was attached with a cord to the wall
Sometimes, you wanted a moment for yourself to stall
Just yanking it out, with a evil smirk
And then went on with your chores
If anyone would dare to call
The answering machine would let them know you weren’t at home

But now, those days are gone
What remains is the nostalgia of something odd
The old telephone device
In a home museum resides
And picking up the call
On this new and nice smart phone

“Hell no!”

Pressing decline
And hey, I am felling just fine!

Camping in style

“When camping, do it in style, camp style” Gun Roswell

Camping in style

When the bug hits you
It’s not so easy to refuse
When the great open wide beckons
It’s really the time to reckon
Whether to pack for a trip long
Or just a few days going strong
Camping can be cool in a van
But a trip on a bike
With just enough gear to hike
Beats the mundane bed
When sleeping on the ground instead
But the ultimate luxury
For a weekend trip on a hurry
Is a caravan from the beyond
Call it campy camping fun
But the looks received will secure the pun
In a seventies vehicle
Of a trip quite memorable

Mini in blue with a flag on top

“Ride a mini cooper, the tiny four wheel vehicle and you never go back to a Volkswagen, or, what ever kind of car” Gun Roswell

Mini in blue with a flag on top

A Union Jack flag, painted, on the very top of her head
Two white ‘go’ stripes, adorning, the hood ahead
Her headlights, big, bright and very shiny things, and yes, oh so metallic
As I continue listing all these qualities, I am getting so, so ecstatic
Darkest of blue, is the shiny coat she wears
Why don’t you, just take a peek inside, if you dare
(I know you want to, go ahead, it’s alright, she won’t bite, well, maybe, just a nibble!)
Lot’s of room, in this small, little gal is packed
Four seats, even ample storage, and a motor, in the back
She truly is, a complete package, of beauty and smart
This tiny, and little, old school mini cooper, is a totally and utterly, lovable car