The Looking Glass

“The reflections from the inside out and outside in, all coming together in a perfect mix“ Gun Roswell

The Looking Glass

The perfect view, from here to there and back again, the thin glass the only divide between, separating that which is here on the inside, to that which remains on the outside

Equal are they all in time, no matter where those left might reside, the reflections, as they are not there to divide, rather parse it all together, into a common guide

It’s all setting the scene, that not all as it was it seems, but whatever you want it to be, so do not trust your eyes, rather feel, the universe around you as nothing, is real.

3 thoughts on “The Looking Glass

  1. It is ALL Real, and yet it is not.
    Recent Quantum Physics has scientifically Proven that Time (therefore Reality) is Flexible.
    It is Flexible according to HOW we think.
    Our thoughts produce different Futures,
    Multiple Timelines.
    Multiple Futures all existing Simultaneously.
    There is a Timeline where I married an !8 year old in 2008 and now have 3 children with her. (my missed Paradise)
    I constantly have to force myself to look away from that reality so I do not Cry myself to sleep at night. My Twin Flame extinguished.
    I go Forward, Still.
    Happiness and Sadness is a CHOICE.

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