Cool and the Gang of Cats

“They’re all ganging up now, against us, against the world, against all, and trust me, they will, win ;p“ Gun Roswell

Cool and the Gang of Cats

The ominous clouds, gathered in the tall skies
The streets empty, devoid of all kind of life
Except, well, that is when, they, stepped in
Those supposed friends, of this, hooman kin

Soon enough, each and every nook and cranny
Are filled up to the hilt with them sitting on their fannies
Taking over each and every vacant corner and lot
Yes, most definitely, they have some all consuming plot

As the furriest of characters, make their claim
On this small planet, where life, well, let’s face it, is lame
The growing sounds of the purrs and meows 
Are totally scaring off any other being, even the cows

But the point here really is, to take over the world
And en masse, the furry felines, are certainly heard
Their agenda still, the guess as good as any really
Then again, all of us, surrendered surprisingly freely

After several moments of collective breath holding
Awaiting for the inevitable to be soon enough unfolding
But then as if reading the quivering masses an out
The leader, or at least assumed to be, give out a shout

The demand list, has finally been delivered to the front door
To those ones whom the felines assumed to be the top dogs
After reading the list, assumed to be the end
Was actually really nice, and nothing there to defend

The few request, of fresh tuna, catnip and occasional belly rubs on the top
Were quickly reciprocated to the cool gang at the docks
And soon peace landed on over the land of all
As the cats, yes those ones, ate their fish and had a ball

Maybe, we, hoomans, are better off with these leaders
After all, they demand so little and are not cheaters
The trick here might be to just co-exist and adore
The furry leaders, keeping us happy, and in awe

The cat in the middle of the street

“The cat sat, in the middle of the road, staring, watching, keeping an eye on her domain, smart!” Gun Roswell

The cat in the middle of the street

The grey coloured cat, look at that
Staring us mere Hoomans, right in the eyes

“What on earth”, I huffed, “can she be up to?” 
“Is she, the much talked about spy?”

The cat did not budge, not one inch, that runt
We tried to pass, twice, from left and then from the right
But nothing, no not one thing, made this cat twinge
So the only option now, would be reasoning? Meow?

“Hey there, little kitty cat, would you think we could possible pass?”
I frustrated then asked

The cat just stared at me, as if asking, where the heck is my fee
And as if understand the thinking, of this freakish feline, I replied

“Oh, of course, you want a reward, because you know
Keeping this street safe from all kind of beings awkward.”

Stating that was like stating the obvious, which I have a knack for
So before I realised what I was doing, I was headed towards the nearest store
Searching for the best thing, which I could make the guard kitty sing
I immediately spotted the cans of tuna, sitting in the stands 
(Really? Did the shopkeeper and the cat have a secret deal?)

Happily after buying in bulk, back into the street I stalked
Seeing the cat there, watching, knowing, heck, most likely humming
How much of a sucker the poor Hoomans be
But hey, that is just fine for me, as the cats are doing a great job indeed

“Hey kitty,” I cooed slightly 

With an open can of fishy smelling treat
I hoped and preyed this food would do the thing
And as I saw the grey coated cat saunter towards me
Carefully and slowly, finally stopping at my feet
The signal there was pretty clear:

“Ye shall pass, now that I have my catch!” 
As if the cat would have said would it actually talk

So, now, watching the cat starting to eat
I quickly made my way across the very street
I had been granted access by one simple and tiny act
To give a thanks and a reward where it was totally apt

Cat with a coat ruffled

“The cats in the harbour are waiting, for the fish to arrive” Gun Roswell 

Cat with a coat ruffled

The cat on the sidewalk sat
It was looking quite wet
Maybe after taken a do dive on the deep side
Most likely of trying the fishies to find
It’s coat now totally ruffled and out of place 
Clearly, out of washing it up after the watery way
Making it dripping and totally in disarray 
Now it was just a matter of letting it lay
In the warming sunshine and soon it would fine
The cat once again ready, for another deep dive
After all, how else would the treats fall

“From the skies?”The cat asked with eyes open wide 
“Do you think me a fool? 
I know quite well, the only fish that ever from the skies fell
Was something made up in a fairytale.”

And the with a huff and a puff the cat continued
It’s coat to sort out to be ready for another interlude 
With the water wet, for its fishies to get

Two cats a fishing

“You can mostly find them in packs, but today, they all travel in twos” Gun Roswell

Two cats a fishing

The cat with bold black and white stripes, all of her competition wipes
But the cat with simple coloured patches, usually the most fish catches
As the duo, of the two cats, out there into the harbour venture daily
Making sure the fish population gets a treatment, not always fairly

They like to sit by the seashore, watching life until they get bored
But when the hunger beckons, both of them at the same time reckon
It is time to pull out the big guns once again, before the afternoon is spent
Both glaring, intently into the seemingly calm surface staring

A splash, a meow and a few seconds later, the catch
A few more of the same, because no one them really can blame
One little fishy just ain’t enough, because you’ll never know if the going gets tough
So having a spare, is good thinking without scare

Several moments past, the two fishing cats 
Are finally happy with their hard earned catch
Hauling the loot away, to their secret hideaway
Where happy munching sounds, fills the air out loud

Cat reflecting

“On the pond, a reflection, so strong, it’s almost real” Gun Roswell

Cat reflecting

The image on the surface, so vivid
The face of a hunter, quite livid
Pondering the choices to be made
On this, warm and sunny day
Should I go in for a dive
Trying the perfect fish to find
Or just wait, looking for that bait
The hooman with the big fish
And then try to then enlist
For my perfect slave of food
Just because I am looking so damn good
Hanging here, on this pier
Waiting, debating, what to do next
Oh, all them choices, could I care any less?

Sleepy Cats

“When it’s time for a nap, there is no time to look for that perfect spot, just drop, where you are and sleep” Gun Roswell

Sleepy Cats

It’s nearly past noon
Which, in the furry felines opinion
Came way too soon
Just when the morning prowl was done
And then it was time for a little fun
The heavy weight of the eye lids waved
And the sleepiness catching on
To resist was way, way too strong
It was that time when the light
High up in the blue skies
Was telling the furry felines
It was their time to make a b-line
Find the nearest soft spot
And drop all their wight, on the dot
Sleepy time, nap time
What ever you want to call it
That is their prime time

Cats for Caturday

“So many cool cats, so few tuna cans!” Gun Roswell

Cats for Caturday

Stripes, white and black
Look a likes, twins, triplets and all that
Cats of all shapes, sizes, basically, of all kind
In the remote areas of the world you will find
When travelling, you will meet
Those cool cats of other lands you’ll see
Some of them domestic, some of them stray
But rest assure, affectionate they all be may
Just bring food, a can or few
For them on to chew
And friends for ever you’ll find
Even, if they may be, of the furry kind