Two cats a fishing

“You can mostly find them in packs, but today, they all travel in twos” Gun Roswell

Two cats a fishing

The cat with bold black and white stripes, all of her competition wipes
But the cat with simple coloured patches, usually the most fish catches
As the duo, of the two cats, out there into the harbour venture daily
Making sure the fish population gets a treatment, not always fairly

They like to sit by the seashore, watching life until they get bored
But when the hunger beckons, both of them at the same time reckon
It is time to pull out the big guns once again, before the afternoon is spent
Both glaring, intently into the seemingly calm surface staring

A splash, a meow and a few seconds later, the catch
A few more of the same, because no one them really can blame
One little fishy just ain’t enough, because you’ll never know if the going gets tough
So having a spare, is good thinking without scare

Several moments past, the two fishing cats 
Are finally happy with their hard earned catch
Hauling the loot away, to their secret hideaway
Where happy munching sounds, fills the air out loud

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