Something about the water

“The water so blue and alluring, is there something more there me tempting?“ Gun Roswell

Something about the water

The shimmering of the calm surface
Had me thinking of a possible prefix
The calming of the bluest of hues
Might be some kind of inviting lure

The waters so clear and alluring
I am slowly towards the edge walking
Was this a conscious choice?
Or was it, some kind of calling voice?

As soon as I reach the very end 
Of the soft and warm sand
I tip my toes into the cool woes
The promise of something so much more

A moment later, I realise
I am no longer trying to surmise
As to what made me here to come
Rather enjoying a back stroke in the pond

There is just something about the water
Even if being just a lowly human and not an otter
Dipping into the liquid state
Well, I am not really sure, why one should hesitate

Let the gentle waves lull, salve and slightly swirl
Carry the ever tired body to the end of the world 
And if you really want, stay there for ever in a lore
Or then, come back to reality and simply swim back to the shore

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