Climb up the tall stairway

“The stairs might seem long and steep and very heavy to get along on, but once you get up there, well, don’t come down! It’s easier that way ;p” Gun Roswell

Climb up the tall stairway

What will you do when you want to get up, really high, up there with the best, close to the skies?

Well, naturally, you will want to seek out the tallest and baddest stairs ever built, and then, start the climbing until you reach the top build.

But, if you are too irked or tired and are totally unable to climb? 

Well, that too, is all just fine, as hey, you can always take the lift up to the very top too or then, if you are one of the lucky ones, then rocket boots are your option to fly!
Well, at least, in your fantasy inside your own mind, am I right!?

But, whatever the means will be, as you decide to get way up there, so close to the skies, it will be all just fine once you reach the very top.

Because as you are there, looking down at the small ants of people going about their lives, while towards godhood you thrive.

Well, we all have our own goals right?

Some of them reasonable while others, well, more on the side of the sci-fi!

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