Cloudy and calm for the right reasons

“The clouds are gathering in the skies, but that is not always a bad thing“ Gun Roswell

Cloudy and calm for the right reasons

The clouds might bring storm and rain, sometimes to the point of pain, but sometimes, they are good for cover too, shading from the extensive sunshine, when all you want to do is to quit the eternal smiling and be in a mood of grey, and having those clouds up there is a good as reason as any, to become a moody and broody someone with chips on their shoulders and doing lots of complaining, because nobody is able to act like a little miss sunshine for ever, as there just has to be a lever to be able to pull down.

So, bring on them clouds, in the cool and calming grey colours do us shroud, as often times, we need a little darkness, a little dampness and a little neutral hues in our lives. Because all the brightness of all the incoming messages from around the world getting totally smaller, the continued race of becoming shinier, newer and better, well, it’s all fine for a short while, but the constant running and being on the edge, will eventually lead to the ledge, and wanting to jump? Well, too much smiling might just cause that to happen to pause your life for a moment and look up, the clouds are here, to… cheer you up?

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