Cloudy with a chance of rain

“There are usually clouds in the skies, at least if you venture high enough, whether they are bringing in storms of not, remains to be seen” Gun Roswell

Cloudy with a chance of rain

The cloudy skies, are not always indicators of bad or sad weather or otherwise, rather sometimes, a respite from the overwhelming warmth of it all, bringing in the cool and calming winds without the dampness of fall.

But even with a trickle of rain in the mix, should bring in some freshness, to the stuffy and stale air of the hottest of summer, and only after the rain, can you enjoy the sun’s shine without it being such a total bummer.

Cloudy and calm for the right reasons

“The clouds are gathering in the skies, but that is not always a bad thing“ Gun Roswell

Cloudy and calm for the right reasons

The clouds might bring storm and rain, sometimes to the point of pain, but sometimes, they are good for cover too, shading from the extensive sunshine, when all you want to do is to quit the eternal smiling and be in a mood of grey, and having those clouds up there is a good as reason as any, to become a moody and broody someone with chips on their shoulders and doing lots of complaining, because nobody is able to act like a little miss sunshine for ever, as there just has to be a lever to be able to pull down.

So, bring on them clouds, in the cool and calming grey colours do us shroud, as often times, we need a little darkness, a little dampness and a little neutral hues in our lives. Because all the brightness of all the incoming messages from around the world getting totally smaller, the continued race of becoming shinier, newer and better, well, it’s all fine for a short while, but the constant running and being on the edge, will eventually lead to the ledge, and wanting to jump? Well, too much smiling might just cause that to happen to pause your life for a moment and look up, the clouds are here, to… cheer you up?

The Sun

Photography and Poetry

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you”

The Sun

Today something strange happened
Leaving most of us quite baffled
Something called “the sun” appeared
With its striking rays all of the sky smeared
Out from our caves we emerged
Rubbing our eyes in an urge

The sun boss, the sun!
Someone shouted
It was no pun
Even though doubted

There had been many a tales
Like someone seeing the whales
Of such oddities happening before
But never ever in the wildest dreams
Would we hoped to have scored
Or so it seems

Now, bearing witness
To this unusual event
The sun really existing
Like an early Christmas present

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Cloudy with a chance of Rain

Photography & Poetry

“Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative” Oscar Wilde

Cloudy with a chance of Rain

Cloudy, with a chance of rain
No, we’re definitely not in Spain
Seems to be a repeating pattern
Maybe a joke by the Mad Hatter

Be careful to not get a frost bite
When you dip your toe into the lake
Or you might end up in a plight
And a most terrible ache

A summer’s day in July
Eyes focused on the sky
Clouds moving to the wind
Cold breeze on my skin

Should have worn a jacket
“But it’s summer” I quote with “brackets”
Let’s open the packets
And bring out the rackets

Summer madness or fun
Maybe we’ll see the sun
Before the day is done
And we have to run

So let’s enjoy this time of year
Without any doubt or fear
The winter soon enough is here
And the summer mood will disappear

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