Coffee time again

“The coffee time? Well, it’s always time for coffee so I guess, time is coffee and coffee is time” Gun Roswell

Coffee time again

The time for coffee, is always there

Whether you are are perky or in despair

It does not matter if you are at home or working

There is always a cup of coffee there on the lurking

The time is now and now is the time for coffee

Whether someone else in frustration is huffing

A true coffee lover does not really care

If others in stop and totally do stare

Just because you are the one with the cup

It does not mean, that you should stop

Drinking that one fine substance in the universe

The tastes, even the odour is simply diverse

So, never put your gears to reverse

Just because someone said, coffee does not rule

And for that, you can say, they are a total fool

Because coffee does rule, your world, all the world

And should you to some other universe to be hurled

Remember to take plenty of coffee with you

And introduce it to the local dwellers, for sure

So, is there time for a cup of some coffee?

Indeed, there always is, time for another cup of coffee

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