Juicy Fruits, hanging low

“The bounty of nature just at reach, as the fall of seasons prepared the feast” Gun Roswell

Juicy Fruits, hanging low

The seasonal harvest started with a single song and dance, up until very midnight to last

A festival of sorts, to celebrate the offerings ready and waiting to be collected, never neglected 

And so, after the party, there will be much work really hard, but if the workers play it smart

They can easily take part in all the daily routines, and then when evening emerges, the fun can continue 

While giving thanks to all that wondrous bounty, making its way to the tables, plentiful like on all the fables 

Definitely all of it well worth the hard work put into the collection of all, fruits, berries even a few vedgies

All of it easily picked and plucked from the fields and trees, as this year they all had had very good luck

And so, as the harvest is being preserved, to the upon coming season of cold and weather blurred

The  people keep going on, picking it all up, having a few bites in between work and life

And especially the juicy fruits hanging low, are the ones being called, as they keep the circular momentum going on

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