Row, row, row your motorboat

“Nothing more frustrating than trying to row a motorised seaworthy vessel, a lot of resistance and even more hassle“ Gun Roswell 

Row, row, row your motorboat

The weather grey and dull, feelings of soggy and null, but the one great thing about a grey day like this, something I would not want miss, for anything in the world, is to set a sea, towards the harsh waves to be hurled as it is totally unheard of, to go out to the waters edge, in bad weather rather best option is simply to stay in the comfort of your bed. But the road so far here to this pier has led, is telling me to go out there and have a totally fun filled day, out there without fail.

But, after riding along, the currents quite strong, the rains pounding over the bow, and somehow, the humidity getting inside of the engines normally fine. Soon enough sputter and coughing the only sounds heard, until the whole setup was done for it and totally died. So, the only option, as this dingy of a concoction, did not have any sails, was simply to cast the ores over the rails and then, gently row, row, row my way back home, and singing along, to that old song, the tune of the ditty, pretty and familiar as riding the calming waves back to shore.

Grey on the waters

“There is always so much darkness before the lights are turned on, am I right?” Gun Roswell 

Grey on the waters

It is the seasonal darkness, which comes around with so much grey in it, just, when you look outside, there is no doubt of the day on the yearly calendar, the fear soon arising as well, and easily will put the mood in so much dismay, as it then becomes like a huge dragon to slay. As this happens, and you are feeling totally crappie, do not fall into the great big hole, and remain there like a mole, but venture out there, the nature more aware of the goings on of the season, because it is no elaborate plot or a treason, just a change. And maybe when, standing at the waters edge, look for any and all reflections there, of the happier times, which made you smile, then dare, borrowing a small boat and take her out there, to the beckoning waters, no matter how full and grey, because today, you will that fearful dragon slay, and ride happily into the non existing sunset. As now you have turned the darkness into plentiful colours of beautiful bright light. And it wasn’t even that big of a fight!


“There are so many colours out there during the gorgeous autumn time, and it’s all very pretty isn’t it just!” Gun Roswell 


The trees are all changing colour, as the greens of the now moved away summer, just a memory now, but instead of moping around, thinking of what was first found and then lost, look instead at the plethora of a new and improved scheme, as painted all over the trees, all of them leaves in a different shade, of yellows, oranges and the brightest of reds, before it is time for them to go to their winters bed, to the ground, not to be found before the spring of next, nevertheless, it’s still not that time, so smile and glance around see what else can be found, in these colours proud and loud, so to please the crowd.

And, before this fleeting moment has passed, because it was never meant to last, just like the longer version before, that of summer, now totally gone, enjoy the tableau of this  painted  multicoloured mess of sorts, as it certainly is not a bore, as each time you get outside into the nature around, you will find something you can adore and then realizing hopefully, that this brief but colourful time is a score, more than the rest of the year’s changing seasons, even becoming a sort of a cliched folklore, for all to know.

First snow fall in Autumn 

“It’s that season again we have dreaded all autumn long, you know, the one when snow starts to fall” Gun Roswell 

First snow fall in Autumn 

The early morning hours, feeling sleepless and restless, so sneaking a peek, through the curtains thick, which were designed to make me sleep, but tonight we’re working not. Spying the very horrors hoped to have been able to be avoiding this year around, alas the dreaded weather gods, in their very wisdom had decided, the overwhelming warmth of summer now passed were throwing some cold kind of shade onto our paths. As what did I with my own two eyes in the middle of the night spy, but severe snow fall, the ground now covered in the supposed fluffy white! I was so shocked and surprised I could not even cry, as if having been thrown from one deep end to the other without any kind of breath, all the air left to breathe now gone, as the shock of it way too strong. Yeah, I know it’s just weather, just the thing to perhaps expect during this season, but as theses days it seems, to always be the extreme of this and that and unusual high or low, then yeah, guess my shock was not that surprisingly strong?

Juicy Fruits, hanging low

“The bounty of nature just at reach, as the fall of seasons prepared the feast” Gun Roswell

Juicy Fruits, hanging low

The seasonal harvest started with a single song and dance, up until very midnight to last

A festival of sorts, to celebrate the offerings ready and waiting to be collected, never neglected 

And so, after the party, there will be much work really hard, but if the workers play it smart

They can easily take part in all the daily routines, and then when evening emerges, the fun can continue 

While giving thanks to all that wondrous bounty, making its way to the tables, plentiful like on all the fables 

Definitely all of it well worth the hard work put into the collection of all, fruits, berries even a few vedgies

All of it easily picked and plucked from the fields and trees, as this year they all had had very good luck

And so, as the harvest is being preserved, to the upon coming season of cold and weather blurred

The  people keep going on, picking it all up, having a few bites in between work and life

And especially the juicy fruits hanging low, are the ones being called, as they keep the circular momentum going on

Burning brightly with all kinds of reds

“The Autumn is the most colorful season a pix snapper could wish for, as nature is positively glowing with brightly hued shades of all reds” Gun Roswell 

Burning brightly with all kinds of reds 

The fall of summer, did not turn out to be a bummer after all, as all the great colours, came out for the ball of a festival, arranged special, to celebrate the turning of season, surely a very good reason to do just that. After all, wouldn’t anyone get a tad bored, of all the green in control, over the whole of the summer, and it seems, they still are trying to hold on, despite the colder weather having a grasp of the nights long at last. But, that does not really matter as the fact of it is, that one without the other won’t exist, but, they cannot do so, all at once. So, in the natural order of things, each of them will have to take turns when they will their arias sing, as the cold blues and whites will own the winter time, the greenish tints starting from spring until summer and when the autumn finally falls, all the fiery best are released as the harvest feasts, turn all of nature to a mild wild fire of reds. And that is the joy of the season of fall.

A brief breather on the country side

“A trip to the deep of the country side, can easily make you smile and take a deep cleansing breath” Gun Roswell

A brief breather on the country side

When the city air, leaves you in despair, and the need for some freshness is all you can declare, then hop into that van of yours and let it carry along the highway long, until you reach that place, where nobody much stays, but always yearn to one time on the future live in, by the side of the country, wagered things are as they used to be, at least if you believe.

And so, when you get there, take a really long breath of the cool, calming and clean air, let your lungs fill with the stuff, like a puff from the proverbial pipe. And let it inside of you dwell for a long long moment before letting it expel, ever so slowly though, as this air, is no foe, but a friendly reminder from the past, letting you know nothing will last, not long anyway.

So, enjoy the fresh cool calmness for now, and when you are done, and have to leave, just remember to tell the tale to the next person, whom might want to set their sails, the this place where miracles are made, to be shared, with all those seeking them.

Autumn Vibes

“The crispness in the air and frozen puddles of the mornings, the changing colours of nature, yes, Fall has arrived once again“ Gun Roswell

Autumn Vibes

The harbour quiet and void of people, as the vessels of summer’s fun had been towed into the safety of the solemn docks, anticipating the changing of the seasons, as the cold air landed without too much of a reason, it was simply that time of the year.

The seagulls however did not seem to mind, flying their usual rounds, albeit there were no fishermen, either working or hobbyist returning from their trips, as all their ships, were permanently moored to the docks awaiting the upon coming winter time, when the waters freeze over and the snow starts to fall, after all, this is Autumn time, ie. Fall.

Feeling a tad on the off side as strolling down the piers empty now, the hustle and bustle of summer gone now, the silence descending on the place, at least until one more day of warmth hits the skies, a reminder of the time past, but just that one day of fun, before it will be gone, at least for a few months, when all this will be covered with snow and ice, until next summer.

A Mundane Monday kind of Weather

“The weather is always at its worst, on Mondays, oh how I don’t like Mondays“ Gun Roswell

A Mundane Monday kind of Weather

The green of the soggy ground, soon another kind of cover found
As the soft white of the snow, today, made its early and neat bow
The Monday kind of grey, soon turned to a ride in an old school sleigh
With odd sounds filling the airs, in the form of some kind of cheers
This day of mundane, was turning out to be, a very special type of day
And maybe, just maybe, that is thanks, to the now growing banks
Of this cold and white powder of substance, all over and everywhere
But not saying this out of despair, even if it really, is not that rare
To have all that snow, all over the floors, at this time of year, so near
To the favourite of all seasons, and that being the most and only reason
Putting up, with all this huff and puff of the white, now making the outside
Picturesque, no less than it was a few moments ago, or even yesterday
When the whole world was covered, in total non fashion kind of grey
So, welcome oh dear snow, hope you will bring so much fun in tow
But remember to melt away, as soon, as the winter’s sun hits play!

Autumn morning in Suburbia

“It’s too early and way too dark and I cannot see much of anything! So, guess it must be, a November morning!“ Gun Roswell

Autumn morning in Suburbia

Very early, in the morning hours, after, a very quick shower
Looking outside, my window, and here, is what I do know:

It’s the very month of November now, the year gone by, so very fast
I hardly had the time, to really look around, and then it was already past
The moment, and already, the new year soon knocking, at my door
And I had not even bought, any kind of presents, from the store
Because the tradition demanded, that of a celebration, at the turning
Of a new leaf of this so called life, we are supposed to have been living
But, as I turn to take a good look outside, and the similar view I see
Each day, seemingly the same, all year round, except now, it is less green
I know the clock is ticking, and slowly but surely each day, is changing
The view now so familiar to me, but, soon will turn to something completely
Different, and then again, I will be here no more, to watch all the seasons
As they continue their ever lasting rotation, outside this same window
The circle of life some say, and hey, that’s just fine, but then one day
I would really like to stop the time, and take a really good look, anyway