Row, row, row your motorboat

“Nothing more frustrating than trying to row a motorised seaworthy vessel, a lot of resistance and even more hassle“ Gun Roswell 

Row, row, row your motorboat

The weather grey and dull, feelings of soggy and null, but the one great thing about a grey day like this, something I would not want miss, for anything in the world, is to set a sea, towards the harsh waves to be hurled as it is totally unheard of, to go out to the waters edge, in bad weather rather best option is simply to stay in the comfort of your bed. But the road so far here to this pier has led, is telling me to go out there and have a totally fun filled day, out there without fail.

But, after riding along, the currents quite strong, the rains pounding over the bow, and somehow, the humidity getting inside of the engines normally fine. Soon enough sputter and coughing the only sounds heard, until the whole setup was done for it and totally died. So, the only option, as this dingy of a concoction, did not have any sails, was simply to cast the ores over the rails and then, gently row, row, row my way back home, and singing along, to that old song, the tune of the ditty, pretty and familiar as riding the calming waves back to shore.

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