Red, red evening skies

“The skies are falling, the skies are falling, and they have now gone totally red!” Gun Roswell 

Red, red evening skies

The sun is nearly setting, very low in the skies, as it’s the season of revise, where nature and the rest, are preparing for the upon coming quest of darkness, rain of several ind and grey coloured nests. But, for today still, the joy of a colour filled globe about to go to slumber, after a days worth of rumble up there shining brightly and now, as the day falls, for a moment the time will stall, as the fiery ball, paints the horizon in the shade of red. And so, all the dwellers standing in total awe, gawking at the setting sun, as a past time, perhaps as a form of fun, because soon enough, there will be no more of these events, for a while at least, as the seasons expectations are those of dark nights and days, filled with somewhat of a dismay. But no matter the strife, as it will last only a while, and then before the warm sun will be seen and felt high up there in the wide skies and several more events of skies red will follow for all our enjoyment.

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