Grey on the waters

“There is always so much darkness before the lights are turned on, am I right?” Gun Roswell 

Grey on the waters

It is the seasonal darkness, which comes around with so much grey in it, just, when you look outside, there is no doubt of the day on the yearly calendar, the fear soon arising as well, and easily will put the mood in so much dismay, as it then becomes like a huge dragon to slay. As this happens, and you are feeling totally crappie, do not fall into the great big hole, and remain there like a mole, but venture out there, the nature more aware of the goings on of the season, because it is no elaborate plot or a treason, just a change. And maybe when, standing at the waters edge, look for any and all reflections there, of the happier times, which made you smile, then dare, borrowing a small boat and take her out there, to the beckoning waters, no matter how full and grey, because today, you will that fearful dragon slay, and ride happily into the non existing sunset. As now you have turned the darkness into plentiful colours of beautiful bright light. And it wasn’t even that big of a fight!

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