First snow fall in Autumn 

“It’s that season again we have dreaded all autumn long, you know, the one when snow starts to fall” Gun Roswell 

First snow fall in Autumn 

The early morning hours, feeling sleepless and restless, so sneaking a peek, through the curtains thick, which were designed to make me sleep, but tonight we’re working not. Spying the very horrors hoped to have been able to be avoiding this year around, alas the dreaded weather gods, in their very wisdom had decided, the overwhelming warmth of summer now passed were throwing some cold kind of shade onto our paths. As what did I with my own two eyes in the middle of the night spy, but severe snow fall, the ground now covered in the supposed fluffy white! I was so shocked and surprised I could not even cry, as if having been thrown from one deep end to the other without any kind of breath, all the air left to breathe now gone, as the shock of it way too strong. Yeah, I know it’s just weather, just the thing to perhaps expect during this season, but as theses days it seems, to always be the extreme of this and that and unusual high or low, then yeah, guess my shock was not that surprisingly strong?

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