“There are so many colours out there during the gorgeous autumn time, and it’s all very pretty isn’t it just!” Gun Roswell 


The trees are all changing colour, as the greens of the now moved away summer, just a memory now, but instead of moping around, thinking of what was first found and then lost, look instead at the plethora of a new and improved scheme, as painted all over the trees, all of them leaves in a different shade, of yellows, oranges and the brightest of reds, before it is time for them to go to their winters bed, to the ground, not to be found before the spring of next, nevertheless, it’s still not that time, so smile and glance around see what else can be found, in these colours proud and loud, so to please the crowd.

And, before this fleeting moment has passed, because it was never meant to last, just like the longer version before, that of summer, now totally gone, enjoy the tableau of this  painted  multicoloured mess of sorts, as it certainly is not a bore, as each time you get outside into the nature around, you will find something you can adore and then realizing hopefully, that this brief but colourful time is a score, more than the rest of the year’s changing seasons, even becoming a sort of a cliched folklore, for all to know.

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