Thick blues and clouds in the night sky

“The night sky, relentless to turn into darkness, keeping the blue hues of the day” Gun Roswell

Thick blues and clouds in the night sky

When the night time falls, there is a brief moment, where time stalls, the surroundings getting a moment of a different colour from that of the day and the night. It can be in a chosen shade and today, it is a tad of the darker side of the spectrum. The Blue Moment, as it is most commonly known for those dwellers, who cannot wait to experience it at the break of night, when there is no more room for anything more work or fight, it’s just the time of rest, but the best part is this special show up in the evening skies, before the moon and stars come out. Despite the thick coverage of clouds, grey or white during the daylight hours, now, all of them painted in the same shade of blue as is the rest of the nature, all the elements, even the waters and nature, covered in the same blanket of deep blue. And then before the onlookers even realise, the night has fallen and the blues are almost gone. But the pale of the moonlight, will continue with the same shade for a while longer, until the it will all get darkest at night.

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