Cat naps

“Cats like to nap, quite a lot, and that seems to be the only constant in the universe” Gun Roswell 

Cat naps

Cats sleeping? In the middle of the day? In the perfect sunlight of a spot? Sounds like something all of us would like in to partake! It’s a most ingenious way of life, especially when you are lucky enough to live in a warm house, then pick and choose your perfect spot and take the nap without any doubt. Indeed, a life so perfect and without much stress, simply sleeping without caring any less of the going ons off of the world around, simply dreaming while in a sleep sound. And hey, who could blame them, as this is the most efficient way of spending a day!

So, Hoomans, why not follow the example, of these furry felines, who are not lying, when the are lying as it were, snoring and dreaming and all of that scheming going on? Perhaps, but who knows what goes on in the mind of a deep sleeper, so do the best thing, and find the best spot, maybe not on the floor but wherever more comfortable imaginable, then take a load off, and dream away the day. After all, life, is supposed to be a dream, right?

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