Coffee, never enough of!

“There certainly is no life, no movement, no nothing without coffee in the early morning hours!” Gun Roswell

Coffee, never enough of!

The one single thing in the world, which makes me out there to get hurled?
Well did you guess what it is? Or do I need to give you a few more hints?
Maybe go and check out what the topic of this ditty was really all about?
Or is it so, that you too, need the something more to get going strong?
As in strong meaning the liquid so totally steaming, it almost burns?
But it won’t hurt, not as much anyway as this is the one thing the lines will blur
The one sustenance you cannot live without or rather be the person all about
Something so fine ever devised, that not even those against it can you rile
As all the while having that cup of that special thing, will make you want to sing
And then a smile maybe emerging so who is anyone against that going to be arguing
After all, isn’t this what we all should thrive to be, smiling and sedate beings?
Well, maybe, but after a cup or few, then maybe none to silent and sedate you’ll be
And hey, we can’t all be those kinds of people as some of us, are made of coffee
As simple as that, as having a chat with a neighbours cat, as with coffee inside your veins
Will make you able the dailies to a feline quite easily explain, as such is the power
Of coffee, and there can never be enough of that kind of offering, and yes, that is the thing

Friday, and the Coffee Break

“There is always time for a coffee, or two, or even more. Heck! I could drink coffee all day long! So, just, plug me in, please!“ Gun Roswell

Friday, and the Coffee Break

The working week, once again, totally spent, in a mostly blurry bend
Without so much, as a good, relaxing break or even, a full nights rest
The only, and never changing constant, in this, whirlwind of a, well, quest
Is the one dark, strong and yes, even dubbed golden, liquid, to digest

But, not each and every stop mark, was, such a success
As sometimes, the days, got to be, a total and utter mess
When getting, that one precious cup, or maybe two, or even a few
Was skipped due, to all them urgent tasks, always, overdue

Luckily, surviving, like always, the week, from Monday, even, to this, Friday
Before, the weekend’s full and awaited release, in front would be lain
Some other types of liquids, certainly none, as tasty and good made
More like a big beast, completely opposing the elixir of life, now, finally slain

So, today, on this, day of Friday, the one day, where running around
Like some kind of beheaded poultry or maybe even, a mad cow
As all the consuming hustle and bustle, is finally toning down
And then, having, “so much” of that time, simply, to get unwound

But maybe, just maybe, skip all them scheduled, planned, awaiting other activities
Forget about all mind numbing, and lip downward curling negatives
When finally, seated, in peace, with a large cup, of that sweet, sweet release
Downing it all, in one, big gulp, and then quickly adding, another full cup
As celebrating, the week’s end, with some much deserved and great coffee!!!

There is always time, for one more cup of Coffee

“Doctor, doctor! There is way too much blood in my caffeine system!” Gun Roswell

There is always time, for one more cup of Coffee

Coffee, extra large cup, black!
That is simply, the matter of fact
Enjoy it while still hot
Right there, on the double and on, the spot
If you really need something cooling
Then with coffee, there is no fooling
Try it as you will, as a cool large frappé
Or then, even as a milk sullen latte
Coffee, truly and never, ever fails
Even when it all sometimes so badly, ails

Never, without my Coffee!

“Come into the dark side, we have, lots of different coffee”

Never, without my Coffee!

I freely, and out of guilt, admit it
I am, totally, and utterly, addicted
To the one finest organic suspension 
One of the human existences’ greatest inventions


If gets me up, in the too early morning
So read this, as a forewarning
To save yourself, from any kind of scorning
Do not, ever, get between me, and forever, my 


If you want your own day
To be completely inventive and stay
On top of the whole wide world
Life, ever so delightfully twirled


So do, take my advice
Don’t ever, think twice
Pour yourself, a big cup of java
It totally beats the hell out of guava


Your fellow human kind
Never, ever looked so fine
The world completely filled with love
If everyone, joined me, in a cup of


What else can I say?


Coffee made me do it! (TBT)

“Black as night, sweet as sin” Neil Gaiman


Coffee made me do it!

Today I went off the edge
I didn’t even take a pledge
I pranced around like a Fred Astaire
The others looking with a stare
Laughing out very loud
And feeling extremely proud
An old tune from years ago
Nothing to stop the show
I started singing that tune
Not being any kind of prune
Why this happened you may ask
It wasn’t anything from a flask
Though I have one excuse to acquit
The Coffee made me do it!


The best things in life? Coffee?

“Coffee, what else do you need in life?” Gun Roswell

The best things in life? Coffee?

The first thing on your mind in the early morning light
The last thought when you lay down your head at night
It can’t be totally wrong, because if feels so totally right?


When the gloomiest of days day is upon you
And there is no one else to guide you through
What is the one thing you can always turn to?


When the sun is above so warming shining
And life is so good you can only be smiling
Is it time for champagne so divining?


When at a cross roads you finally stand
And it is time to decide, old life or a new plan
What is the one thing that unleash those thinking grey sells can?


When all is well and you’re feeling swell
A soft and cold Sunday afternoon dwell
Then, go ahead, because, enjoy, you might as well:


On the edge, or a tall order

“Nothing can save us now, except coffee” Gun Roswell

On the edge, or a tall order

When that specific mood hits
And you are standing on the ledge
Close enough to jump
Take that one final plunge
In good or bad the need of courage
Is like eating a bowl of too hot porridge
Some say it just may
Be that of a one too tall order
Alas a savior at hand
Just there, were, you stand
A tall glass of the darkest of liquids
Will never let you quit

Time for Coffee

“Time for a coffee (or few)” Gun Roswell

Time for Coffee

Running around
Like a mad woman
Dashing, bouncing, skipping, hopping
Looking for something
To be found

Feeling antsy
All the way to my pantsuit
Wondering, probing
The inner me
I then, what do I see

A shop, with coffee
A coffee shop
A place where one can get coffee

I start running
It’s not even that funny
It with my arms flailing
I am the place slowly gaining
Reaching for the door

The smells so wonderful
I think I am in heaven now
As far I walk to the counter
And then place my order

Coffee, please, large

Coffee Time (national coffee day)

“There is always time for coffee!” Gun Roswell

Coffee Time

A cup in the morning
Before you start yawning
A cup in the middle of the day
Will keep you from dismay
A cup in the evening
Well, it may let you sleep in
(The next day if you stay up all night)

Enjoy it in company
Enjoy it alone
Enjoy it with a sandwich
Enjoy it some more

A cup of coffee
Maybe with a butterscotch toffee
You can never go totally wrong
Especially, when the coffee is strong

Drink your coffee and be merry
Drink the coffee until the cup is empty
Drink when they pour another cup
Drink, yes, it’s coffee, never stop!

Sunday frappé

“Slow Sunday’s with coffee, what could be better than that?” Gun Roswell

Sunday frappé

Cool, tasty, with a hint of sugar and ice
This, is the only two kind of spice
My coffee, for this Sunday, needs

Sitting in my favourite spot
I am not going to move, until such
Time that my cup runs empty

Enjoying my excellently made drink
As deeper into the plushy cushions I sink
Only, when the final drip is gone

Will I get up, with a huff, then a puff
Quickly making another delicious cup
Filled with coffee, milk and the other stuff

Back to my awaiting recliner
I will my day spent never minding
The other folk outside in the open wild

For Sunday is my day of rest
I will lazy around like the best
And when I fall asleep,
I will be dreaming of the next Sunday indeed!