Coffee and Fridays

“There is nothing else to the weekend, but just drinking a lot of coffee, is all“ Gun Roswell

Coffee and Fridays

Fridays are filled with hope of the pending freedom at least for some who have worked all week long, trying to stay strong, just in the hopes of surviving until the weekend is near and without fear as coffee, has been there all the way.

But then, think of all that free time ahed, not sure as to what it to on spend, maybe taking a hike, or clearing the closets, or maybe watching the movies stacked in the recorder waiting for the perfect moment? Too many things to choose from and staying strong, ain’t easy!

With the seemingly hectic schedule for the weekend, as usually all the rest of the week is mostly with work spent, and now, when the freedom is finally there, I am quickly falling into a great despair! What to do, what to do?

There is really only one solution to this kind of dilemma:

Picking up my coat and car keys, and then steering the trusted steed towards the only place I know which is serving the good and strong stuff in this early hour; The coffee shop by the near by trucks stop. After arriving, ordering the tallest and strongest suspension they got on the menu. 

And after the first few gulps, it is all gone and clarity sets, as I remain seated at the cafe with my tall order of latte and enjoy the day off.

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