Down along the long pier

“On the look out for some lighthouses, along the seaside, on the tall piers“ Gun Roswell

Down along the long pier

The hunt has begun, something don, just for the heck of it or shear fun, as searching for the perfect spot along the long and winding pier, until something interesting I am able to see.

A construct of a sorts, tall or even a short, with a fancy light up on its very top, a guiding one at that, to keep the brave and fearless sea farers safe from any kind of major shipwrecks.

Running up and down, like a crazy person, trying to figure out, where all the great ones are hidden as not all tall piers are equipped with those features, with the magnificent kind of old school architecture. 

But continuing on with my very search, as who knows from which corner these houses of sorts might lurk, because even if they aren’t that popular these days, some still around may lay, and finding one would be the high light of the day.

So, carrying on, walking along, each and every single winding and tall, pier I can see near and beyond, until that specific and perfect lighthouse comes my way, as it is the most perfect display for the long, search filled and darkened cloudy day.

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