Lazy Caturday

“It’s that time of the week, when lazy days are what you seek, because you know what? It’s Caturday!“ Gun Roswell

Lazy Caturday

The time of the day, when nothing can be done, except quietly in one place lay, and definitely outdoors rather than indoors to stay. Simply because the sun is warming the ground and whatever spot you may choose, you can only win, never lose, as this is the perfect setting for a day of Caturday, or for us Hoomans known as Saturday.

So, do not be surprised, if you some furry felines out there laying about can spy, as this is definitely their day to spend, wherever they choose their derrières to land. So, whatever you do or thing, be kind and give them credit even if they seem so totally lazy as all the other days, the keep on working, making our streets totally safe.

After all, Caturdays are reserved for our furry feline friends, so let them have this day, and at the end maybe reward them with a tin can, filled to the hilt to tunafish or whatever else kind of dish you might have wanted to prepare for them. As long as it is fish! And next week, you don’t have to worry of all the unwanted critters playing havoc around the premises.

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