To the journey

“There is nothing like starting a new trip to somewhere you have never been before” Gun Roswell

To the journey

Exploring strange new places and boldly going where you have never been before. Hoping some new experiences to score while looking forwards what those new vistas for you have in store. Not to mention all the unfamiliar faces you might befriend while out there beyond the comfort of your own home.

The jitters of the unknown the moment you embark on that journey, which in planning had been for so long, even if deep down there somewhere you were fearing of the new things along the way, but still decided to stay strong. And with the motto of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst in case something would be to go wrong.

Well, this is the moment when you set sail, to all the strange places and hoping to land on some sandy shores, because what is a human being but someone who likes to explore? Maybe a homebody mostly, but that does not exclude the adventurous nature at all. Because getting on this journey is the fun part even if the destination, leaves you un-smart. Then again, there is always the next port to explore.

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