Dive in to the water!

“It’s inviting, it’s totally cool, it’s calming and it’s wonderfully blue, the water that is” Gun Roswell 

Dive in to the water!

The cool and calming waters inside the pool filled to the very hilt, so much so, that the axis could so easily tilt, when another element was introduced, into the most gorgeous colours of turquoise and various blues. 

The body quite agile soon enough jumping in, making in the process a whirlwind of waves to begin, swooshing out and all over and then towards the edges, even crossing to the allowed ledges, raising damp havoc in its wake.

But even the seemingly disastrous catastrophe is faced with loud laughter as after the dive, all the waters rescinded back to the very place they came from. The shapely bucket of a pool, after the performance of a somewhat fool, is once again turning back to its formal state, of a cool and calm surface.

A few strokes taken inside the pool, hardly even disturbing the rule of the water staying put. The human form slowly gliding, as the softness of the liquid is guiding, alongside the warm winds gently lulling, the swimmer now floating gently, into a woken slumber.

Take a dip in the cool blue waters!

“In the summer time, and I am totally feeling fine, but only when I am close to some kind of watery place for at least a moment to stay“ Gun Roswell

Take a dip in the cool blue waters!

The days long and warm, even if there was some expected storm in the horizon on the rising, but the weather gods kept on smiling as the sun was still almost the whole day full shining. The warmth totally fine as long as there was an option for taking even a short breather in the calming and inviting cool blues, the waters with the variously coloured inviting hues. 

After the working day done, the only one thing in my mind then is to make the short stroll towards the beach, where I know I can reach those soft waves crashing ashore and as it still is summer for a while long, I will make due of the blues waiting for me to take a dip, long or short, call it even a sport if anyone would be asking, while I am in there, water around me splashing. The perfect summer’s fun which can only become undone, during a snow filled winter.

Blue on the Mountain top

“There is just something about blue, simply so stunning and I just keep on watching the view” Gun Roswell

Blue on the Mountain top

Staring into the scene of magnificence most likely something I have never seen before at least, but I feast on the view, resurrecting from the sea and it matches so totally the feel of myself at the moment, the cool blue hues, not a bad feeling at all, calming in a sense and making time stall. I just hope that the sun up there in the bluest of skies won’t fall as it seems to be quite hight above the mountain top very tall.

But as I keep watching, I am also reflecting back to the moment when I first saw this magnificent scene in front of me. And ever since that special time I have been in awe of this, well, divine, where the earth and the sky are aligned in perfect harmony staying perfectly still in the lazy hazy surrounded by nothing else, except all those of us gaping up in awe and feeling the blues of the universe, and even if I could turn the gear to reverse, I would not, as this moment is the perfect one of them all until tomorrow, when there is hopefully more.

Another year, another birthday, I guess

“Well, it’s another year and another birthday, but is still feel like the shabby nineteen year old person I once was“ Gun Roswell

Another year, another birthday, I guess

The writer of this ditty, found a photo of herself when she was an itty-bitty kiddy. Just a toddler seated in her moms lap, a proud parent I guess at that back then in the something somethings when life was so much simpler, at least if the smiles on the faces are any kind of inkling. So guess back then, I really had the world on a string. And adding to that the eagerness to dance and sing or at least perform in some fashion, from a few years on, all that looking back, seemed like a good deal to be inside of and some of the memories are just great, while others, well, those one can always fake, right!?

So, a few decades has now passed, since that selfie of sorts from the past and like the image it self, can last for a long, long time, despite being old and wrinkled, but not I! And yeah, guess I have to admit, that taking to account everything and all I am feeling fine, despite whatever thoughts of darkness might land on my own mind every now and again but hey, that is just time spent too much with myself. And certainly nothing to do with age as that is a simple number on the cake. But yeah, as sometimes in my slumber, bad thoughts occur, but hey, that is fine, as I am fine and most of those surround me are just fine so, putting on a smile for today at least and then a little later on, I will most certainly off of my b-day cake feast.

So whatever ranting this little ditty might be, I will keep on having my birthdays for, well, hopefully eternity. The next goal is set as a hundred and fifty. Yeah I know that sounds so, well science fiction-y. But as I have always planned on living forever, guess that is not such a impossible goal now or even ever.

On the sunny side, getting fried, in the sun

“The sun is fun, as long as it’s not too hot or bright and shining all the time or well, hell, I wish it would rain already!“ Gun Roswell

On the sunny side, getting fried, in the sun

The bench beckoned I reckoned as I was tired of all that trotting around as what ever I thought there was to be found, well it wasn’t all that. So, looking for a place to sit, and then it hit me. Out there in the warming sun I could bask the rest of the afternoon, as the skies were the colour of cool blues and the wind was, well, there. It was warm but at least that beat a weather filled with storm any time. Taking a leap of faith, literally as I did jump the few feet to reach the unoccupied bench there in the middle of the street. Not really the street but close by on the side walk empty and waiting for me to sit down and loose that suddenly risen frown. There, I sat on my tired ass and it was all good and fine at least for a while. But then, after a moment of shedding all the load of the running rampant day, it hit me. Literally, it hit me. The heat so strong I felt like I was cooking and then looking around and up and down, I could see there were absolutely no clouds to be seen. Only the blues in the skies, as clear was the place and the sun, well, it was even bigger and brighter than I had remembered while running amok out there. Sweat pouring from each and every single piece of skin on my body and I suspected the insides were drowning too. Wherever it was coming from, I blamed the sun, as this was far from fun. Being fried like a shrimp on the barbie on the sunny side of the street or all over the place, as there really was no shade anywhere to be found. Well, maybe if I went underground. So, there I was unable to move and slowly getting cooked, cursing my faith and wishing it would finally rain!

Down by the Laituri (pier in English) or Happy Midsummer to One and All!

“It’s summer people, time to go and get out there in the open wide nature and even as far as the waterfront” Gun Roswell 

Down by the Laituri (pier in English)

The time of the year, when you head for the pier and simply enjoy the cool breeze, without a worry to the bone freeze. How is this even possible you might ask. Well, it’s really quite simple, because you know what time it is right? It’s summer after a long haul of winter! So, don’t be a total bummer. Rather enjoy this very special time of the year, and do head for that nearest pier. And then let the warm summer wind loll you to a lazy sleep as you take a nap in the great outdoors. And that is simply because you can, as the weather is quite warm. Without any worries of sleeping until the next dawn, as now it is always light outside even during the night. So, without any kind of fright, be like that summer’s light and be on all the time, at least until fall, when it’s too cold, to sleep outside. And you really should trust me on this one as I would not tell a lie. It’s all so much fun so do it before the summer is done and done.

Blue is the colour of the haze in this place 

“There’s a lot of blues out there, just join in and start singing your own blues, it’s that simple and quite cool too!“ Gun Roswell

Blue is the colour of the haze in this place 

The early morning hues seem to be full of all kinds of blues. But only the good kind in a sense that they were out there colouring the skies, the seas and the overall feel. But none too blue, only the cool kind of hue. As the mist then causing a funky kind of a haze on top of the setting of the place, wherever it may lay, and soon enough, it too is becoming one with the blue. But it does not really matter, as the cool and calming shatter of all them blue hues in one smooth mix of a scene in the early morning hours only to be seen. And if you yourself feel like singing some kind of a blues, well that is simply alright too, as whatever the thing is which will inspire the artist in you, then nobody is judging here, in this state over in the hazy side of the blue. So be cool and be totally blue!

Sitting by the Sea

“What else is there to do on a sunny day but to sit on its rays?” Gun Roswell

Sitting by the Sea

Waves washing gently the shores, where the small pebbles of rocks are stored. The birds high up in the blue skies screeching, about to take a deep dive. The fish swimming away, trying to keep the hungry gulls at bay. Boats leaving the harbour for the day, as the workers onboard need to bring home a good display of the catch sometimes causing dismay. All and all, a regular sunny day by the seashore never a bore, and definitely it something of a chore to sit here lazily and maybe once in a while, snore.

I, myself am too lazy, of doing anything but. Seated on this perfect reflection point on my very own butt. The day quite warm and wind none too hazy, what else is there for my kind of person except to sit here and at the sea be gazing. After all, I am a mere observer of life, even here, beside the ocean wide and if I am lucky enough, all the happenings I here today see, will make me smile. Otherwise, I can simply come back again tomorrow early morn’ and be on the lookout for something more.

Coffee, never enough of!

“There certainly is no life, no movement, no nothing without coffee in the early morning hours!” Gun Roswell

Coffee, never enough of!

The one single thing in the world, which makes me out there to get hurled?
Well did you guess what it is? Or do I need to give you a few more hints?
Maybe go and check out what the topic of this ditty was really all about?
Or is it so, that you too, need the something more to get going strong?
As in strong meaning the liquid so totally steaming, it almost burns?
But it won’t hurt, not as much anyway as this is the one thing the lines will blur
The one sustenance you cannot live without or rather be the person all about
Something so fine ever devised, that not even those against it can you rile
As all the while having that cup of that special thing, will make you want to sing
And then a smile maybe emerging so who is anyone against that going to be arguing
After all, isn’t this what we all should thrive to be, smiling and sedate beings?
Well, maybe, but after a cup or few, then maybe none to silent and sedate you’ll be
And hey, we can’t all be those kinds of people as some of us, are made of coffee
As simple as that, as having a chat with a neighbours cat, as with coffee inside your veins
Will make you able the dailies to a feline quite easily explain, as such is the power
Of coffee, and there can never be enough of that kind of offering, and yes, that is the thing

Gated Entrances

“Open the gate and step into the wondrous worlds hiding behind them” Gun Roswell

Gated Entrances

The secrets within, are kept hidden, from prying eyes, which all over do spy. But for a selected few, those who dare and do, the invitation is open for whenever they choose to get through and become the daring adventurers which made of are legends. And if getting your name in history, then this is the group you want to be joining in.

Stepping through gated entrances, has its advances. For those daring to take the trip and go and seek, whatever secrets may lie behind the curtains neat. And that is the would be feat for those few peeps. After all, there are no others there blocking the doors so whatever the places have in store, most certainly is no bore and that is for sure.

But, there is a far warning attached here too, and signing it, well, there is really no-one to sue. Because there are dangers out there too and those chosen few, are facing them each time while stepping through a gate. So, if you are one of those who do hesitate, then maybe this is a trip you should not take. Rather leave it to those daring venturers, who fear nothing, not even the odd chance of never returning from a place.