Down by the Laituri (pier in English) or Happy Midsummer to One and All!

“It’s summer people, time to go and get out there in the open wide nature and even as far as the waterfront” Gun Roswell 

Down by the Laituri (pier in English)

The time of the year, when you head for the pier and simply enjoy the cool breeze, without a worry to the bone freeze. How is this even possible you might ask. Well, it’s really quite simple, because you know what time it is right? It’s summer after a long haul of winter! So, don’t be a total bummer. Rather enjoy this very special time of the year, and do head for that nearest pier. And then let the warm summer wind loll you to a lazy sleep as you take a nap in the great outdoors. And that is simply because you can, as the weather is quite warm. Without any worries of sleeping until the next dawn, as now it is always light outside even during the night. So, without any kind of fright, be like that summer’s light and be on all the time, at least until fall, when it’s too cold, to sleep outside. And you really should trust me on this one as I would not tell a lie. It’s all so much fun so do it before the summer is done and done.

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