Blue is the colour of the haze in this place 

“There’s a lot of blues out there, just join in and start singing your own blues, it’s that simple and quite cool too!“ Gun Roswell

Blue is the colour of the haze in this place 

The early morning hues seem to be full of all kinds of blues. But only the good kind in a sense that they were out there colouring the skies, the seas and the overall feel. But none too blue, only the cool kind of hue. As the mist then causing a funky kind of a haze on top of the setting of the place, wherever it may lay, and soon enough, it too is becoming one with the blue. But it does not really matter, as the cool and calming shatter of all them blue hues in one smooth mix of a scene in the early morning hours only to be seen. And if you yourself feel like singing some kind of a blues, well that is simply alright too, as whatever the thing is which will inspire the artist in you, then nobody is judging here, in this state over in the hazy side of the blue. So be cool and be totally blue!

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