Floating by in time

“Time flies when you are having fun and even if you are not, so there is that” Gun Roswell

Floating by in time

Time, is of the essence many say, time is going by so fast, they also claim and well, I have to agree to that sentiment, for you see, I have been sitting here, watching it pass me by, or in this case, floating by, in the form of a sailing boat, going oh so very slow.

It is a fun past time, time, yes, yes it’s that kind of a rhyme, but time is so much more than that, just the simply ticking off the clock, which I hope will never stop, even if it goes past me so quickly and that should make me feel sickly.

But, as it is, there is no use of fighting this thing called time, unless you have a degree in physics or a machine which will make you fly, backwards and forwards, whichever way you might want to experience, but if you get a chance to do it, it will certainly be different.

So, as I sit here, watching time itself, pass me gently by, I am kinda feeling fine, but hey, if I could turn back some of that time, well, guess I would?

Blue on the ocean and the mountain top

“Where there is an ocean blue, there is always some blues to be heard on the waves so cool“ Gun Roswell

Blue on the ocean and the mountain top

The ocean vast, meant to last, past the earthly grounds, but sometimes, when the only thing you think you can see are the blues going on forever, and then, something totally unexpected pops up right there in the middle of it all.

There is something to be said, about this, very tall and statuesque, also blue in colour, or so it seems, as it sticks out from the calming waves, from the oceanic steams creating an illusion of a protective shroud, looking totally esteemed.

A mountain so tall, that if you were to climb up on it, well, you might be in for a scary fall, unless you are totally prepared for the adventure ahead, but once you get right there on the top, the world below endless and will never stop.

But, if you are one of the mere mortals, who cannot reach all them fancy portals, then staying on the beach the option, of watching the views and the cool and calming blue hues, the watery waves and then, the mountain from the distance.

The blue sea and the red sky

“The blue meets the red at some point in time, at least, up there in the high skies“ Gun Roswell

The blue sea and the red sky

It’s mostly in the coolest hues of blue, reflecting the same sooting emotions and shades onto the surface of the calm of the waters until the very edge, but sometimes even changing colours while raging in the shades of many kinds of greys.

But, when the night fall is upon, and the day is finally done, a streak of the most bright and colourful light will appear there in the midst in the very mix, which is nothing like the calming and mundane blue, rather in the colour of fire or rage, making it totally red.

It is certainly a spot, which will make you look, even if you simply love the sedative of the scene without too much of change in colour. But, this one, is a fiery one and it will only be there, for the fading moment and poof, it will be gone, until maybe dawn?

And when the bright spot of the day is gone, you do not have to be alone, as the blues and greys will always remain, shrouding you well into the night, without any fright.

Ghost ships in the blue waters

“They can only be seen, when the fog gets too thick on the highest of seas, the ghost ships of blue that is” Gun Roswell

Ghost ships in the blue waters

They can only be visible, when the seas are filled with the coolest of those solemn hues, the blue fog surrounding the waters and when the visibility is just a few metres. It is then when the ships appear, to their special spots all over the waters edge. In the colour of blue they are shrouded, and appearing there without any passengers allowed on board them. They are the ghost of the past and the future. Not of us, but only themselves, those many ships which had sunken without any kind of trace off of the face of the world and into the deep abyss hurled. This is not to scare anyone with their presence, only acting as a reminder of the dangers, of putting too much trust in clear blue skies and calm waters, and not taking enough precautions. For the sea is not a safe place for the unprepared, by two always remember to make safety first. But if you happen to spot those blue coloured ghostly vessels, well, better err on the side of caution and stay out of the water, at least, for that day.


“The water is always so inviting, so cool, so calm and and feels like a soothing balm against the heated skin, especially in the midst of summer!” Gun Roswell


The elixir of life, the one thing which you’ll need to survive. It can be fun but also full of destruction, if you are not careful. But whatever the relationship with this element of nature is, nothing on this planet of Earth would exist if it wasn’t for it being that one special hit.

But for now at least, trying to enjoy the small puddle of the thing, right there, in the backyard, filled to the hilt. Cool, turquoise and see through liquids, just waiting for someone to dive in. It’s the summer heat after all, so better not stall, rather try dipping in at least one of the toes.

While bathing in the inviting waters all day long as the warmth outside is quite strong. Swimming with a few strokes but mostly hanging lazy, watching the time pass by in a state of hazy. But it’s fine for now at least, as soon the heat waves will be over and the need for warmer clothing is upon.

These are the days when to remember especially in the heart of the cold winter. When the water is frozen solid and there are no sings of anything green or blue, only the blanket of snow, but for now, better not get worried, only enjoy the time before it flies right by.

Blue is the colour of the haze in this place 

“There’s a lot of blues out there, just join in and start singing your own blues, it’s that simple and quite cool too!“ Gun Roswell

Blue is the colour of the haze in this place 

The early morning hues seem to be full of all kinds of blues. But only the good kind in a sense that they were out there colouring the skies, the seas and the overall feel. But none too blue, only the cool kind of hue. As the mist then causing a funky kind of a haze on top of the setting of the place, wherever it may lay, and soon enough, it too is becoming one with the blue. But it does not really matter, as the cool and calming shatter of all them blue hues in one smooth mix of a scene in the early morning hours only to be seen. And if you yourself feel like singing some kind of a blues, well that is simply alright too, as whatever the thing is which will inspire the artist in you, then nobody is judging here, in this state over in the hazy side of the blue. So be cool and be totally blue!

Cloud whisperer 

“Look up at the skies, those gorgeous clouds up there can whisper you the most beautiful lies” Gun Roswell 

Cloud whisperer 

The fluffy soft white clouds high up in the blue skies, will tell you no lies. That is, if you are ready to believe all that which they have to tell you, as the total of truth. But you must also know, that despite their fluffy cuteness, they may be not always be so totally honest, but that does not necessarily mean that what they tell you, is any less. It is completely up to you, what part of their tales you decide to choose, as win or loose, believing in any kind of truth is always a gamble of big stakes with no one to blame. So, listen really carefully all the whispered words, those clouds above you are willing to disburse, and after all of it you have heard, then filter out the blurbs and form the perfect sentence, leading to a very good ending. Then use it as your guideline, when things are going fine, but if they turn to worse, simply reverse the order of all them whispered words and a new guiding line will once again work. At least according to the half truths softly whispered, but somehow loud, by those mesmerising soft fluffy clouds, spinning their yarn of tales all too fine, high up there, in the blue skies. But hey, those clouds cannot be faulted for their good natured actions, as they are mere reflections, of our very own wants and desires, to only hear the half truths and the appealing lies. 

High up the blues in the skies

“Keep watching the above skies, you’ll never know what you there might find” Gun Roswell 

High up the blues in the skies

Glancing up, towards the clouds made of fluff, I see all the blue hues covering the ceiling of this wide world and then I am feeling, like the one and only lucky little geek, as I can sit here and just be, for a while at least, simply free of all the worldly troubles down here on this very ground. But up there only stars and the moon can be found and it all sounds like a nice space to escape to, at least sometimes. And after a while as I have fantasised, of being a being able to fly, high up there and after the moment has passed and I’m back on this so called earth again, as I stand and gaze up towards the skies I just left before coming back down and guess what! I am feeling, fine even without spending one dime and then, I can once again smile.

Blue, Bluer, Bluest

“Cool, calming, ever so charming, is the water, in the colour of blue or basically, any other hue will do” Gun Roswell

Blue, Bluer, Bluest

Water reflecting the surrounding blue skies and the ocean hues, on to the surface, of the small pool, situated on the patio, painted in blue. The pools so totally small it only fits one person at the time, which is all, just fine, as I really do want to be, left alone. At least, for the very moment, when I am feeling blue, brooding, within my few thoughts, which is really not a lot, but still, something, telling when surrounded, by all the blue. I really do enjoy, the blueness of it all, the water, the sky, the painted WHY on the wall. The colour of my t-shirt, jeans and even my eyes, all blue as am I. What ever it is, it’s gotta be blue, the coolest, and most calming hue. Like that of water. Water so fine, it is almost divine and that, makes me smile, even if I am so totally blue, it is almost transforming my very being to a translucent cool blue hue. But, more the blues, is really not that bad, as it does not have to be sad. Just blue, bluer and then I am turning to the bluest of them all.

Paradise in the colour of Blue

“It looks like the picture-perfect version of a paradise, except it’s all in the colour of blue, but hey, that is simply my chosen hue” Gun Roswell

Paradise in the colour of Blue

What is the most sought-after place, either here on Earth or then somewhere else, even around in the galaxy, where all of us so hard try to find, that one perfect spot, where it all supposedly did start for our kind? The life, us, the animals, all the other beings including the aliens out there, which I know to exit, all the surroundings, even if the scientists might state, it was a some kind of a big bang of a thing, which created it all, like throwing in a ball, that split to a million pieces, leaving, all that you now see, behind?

Well, you may know it called simply, as Eden or some other cute name, now stalled, in some temporary time dilation field like this was a scene, straight out of some fantasy flick. But, it’s still there, in whatever shape or form, and, if you keep on looking hard enough and long enough, that one special spot, can be yours, no matter where or even when nor what colour it might exist in, you will know what it is, when you finally with your own eyes it witness, Paradise.