Ocean Vistas

“The ocean blue vistas ensue to the ends of the earth, perhaps even time” Gun Roswell

Ocean Vistas

The gorgeous blues of various hues, last until the zone of the horizon rising from the vastness of the never-ending ocean

Nothing more cool or calm for the human eye, when those peepers do spy the gift of mother nature’s skies and waters alike

As there within the biggest of secrets do lie, deep within the appreciation of the small person never leaving the gorgeous sight without a wide smile

Saving the view of the perfect vista in the minds eye, for a long while until such time it finally slips away   

Blue and the Water equals Splash!

“There is just something about water, especially when in a pool or open sea, which makes this one, wanting into it dive and the real world to flee“ Gun Roswell

Blue and the Water equals Splash!

The waters cold and blue, the weather not really so good, still, wanting to go diving in, just because it might just bring, the much needed refreshing feeling, needed to survive a hectic day.

The sun long since gone, somewhere safe perhaps stored, as it is that time of the season, when the warmth is less so and the reason, for wearing more of the clothing needed simply to survive without heat.

But, when the treat, of a pool on someone’s backyard greets, there is no way, not to take up on the offer, even if shivering cold without the layers of cloth.

And so, without further ado, closing eyes and thinking or summer, finding the warmth from within, while standing there in a skimpy swimsuit, and then, diving into the slightly ice cold blue.

Luckily, the human body is built, with adaptive qualities, and soon enough, the slightly chilly liquid, does not really feel that bad, against the skin warm, as long as staying below the surface, mostly anyway, except maybe the head!

All the stuff in one single shot

“Travelling can be rewarding, but getting a lot of the cliche stuff in one shot, that, is truly a great gift to be left with” Gun Roswell

All the stuff in one single shot

The cliches shots are always a  must, as you must trust, they will get the most likes on any kind of social media platform, in a landslide created by the most thunderous storm.

But, trying something a little more artistic, whether it’s the angle of a shot, or the used prop, even something as odd, as a filled to the hilt trashcan, yeah, that is definitely art! Then behold, as now, you have been told, likes are coming down like someone just had unfolded, a medieval triptych, a cheap suit or just, well, can’t seem to think of more metaphors.

So, just go with the most cliche scene imaginable you can find, and you will be the all mighty winner of them coveted social mediocrity likes! (Yeah, you heard me right!)

down along the pier i see

“The blues have always had a hold on me, not just the music, but the colour variations too“ Gun Roswell

down along the pier i see

so many people around, always wondering these same old grounds

the pier still long, and trying to stay as strong as possible to continue along

needing to reach the very end of it, before the setting of the sun will hit

simply because the view is the very best ever seen, and knowing this path will lead

to the very spot where undisturbed ,i will be able to simply observe

the spectate of colours and light, until the very beginnings of the darkening night

Poolside, so divine

“Digging up some of the old stuff, mainly pictures from the travels past, as you all now know, that all, is kinda in the past, the travelling part that is, because of, well you know… but one can dream, right?“ Gun Roswell

Poolside, so divine

The cool and blue, and that is the truth as the sun is scorching, so the best place for loitering, really is, inside the cool waters. Digging in there, never coming up, except for a huff and puff, and right back in, diving. Pretending to swim, but really, what I am doing, is letting my old tired body, sink into the balm of that which is, the calming blue water.

Blue Shutters

“The blue on white, is like a flag of pride, whether the country home or foreign, the is nothing boring about the blues” Gun Roswell

Blue Shutters

The cool blue shutters, staving off the burning midday sunny rays, after all, even the walls are pained, only in whites to keep away, the scorching warmth of the ever present sunshine, even if most of us feel it is fine, as a few rays never harmed anyone, but the constant bombardment of them, could easily be causing some heart palpation, to those dwellers whom live behind the cooling blue painted shutters on top of the windows small of their home, standing in direct sunlight, all year long.

Ocean views

“A room with a view, of an ocean blue, what else can one ask in life?” Gun Roswell

Ocean views

The blues calling from the ocean deep, the soft waves washing a shore, the sandy beach nothing of a bore, with the skies open wide, the sun but a big smile, the warm fresh air, leaving no one in despair, beckoning the weary traveller to take a chance, as long as the days will last, to make their way to the side, where the water meets the sky, the feeling a thought, taking off the very ground and flying ever so high, like some sort of a fancy kind of kite. 

Only this is the dream, even if it all so real seems, eyes wide, looking at what was left behind, on the sandy beach, the body still stands, waiting for the fancy flight to somewhere land, but it seems, that the freedom of it all, lasted way too long, and now, it will never come back again, the idea, the thought, the dream, all gone, lost in the gentle winds over the ocean, the empty vessel remaining on the shores, watching the ocean soar, while the fancy flight of the thought up there in the blue skies will roar. 

Oh so quiet and calm!

“The ocean beckons to  be explored, but today, I feel like such a bore, and simply want to rest for a while longer, on top of the calming waves” Gun Roswell

Oh so quiet and calm!

The calming of the waves, as soon as I my head will lay, on top of the smoothing surface at any, body gently floating, as it is coping, with this overly gentle place, searching for a state of mind, which out there is really hard to find, the peace, the quiet, the calm, but here it is all so clear, when lulled to sleep, on these calming waves, as even after all the fight of the day, this is where I finally want to stay, on top of the soft material, even if not a bed of any kind, I need my rest and so, this state is the one not to debate, whether or not, and so, with eyes closed tightly, I concentrate, still floating above the edge, the mind at rest, thoughts all gone, no sounds or images to explore, only the calm and quiet surrounding, this unruly mind and body, without counting the passing time, and that is all simply fine.

Blue seats for a Blue Sunday

Crete, Greece

“The blues can continue all through the week, and so, when we seek solace, it can be found inside the blues, so take a load of, on a seat so blue and let the blues wash over you“ Gun Roswell

Blue seats for a Blue Sunday

The Sunday is once again upon us, the working week, finally done, feeling like a bunched up sponge with all the energy having been sucked out, like the wraith had had their fun and now, forgotten all the supposed puns about that, but I digress and so, the idea of getting a respite even if feeling the Sunday blues, as per usual, because it is the end of a short era, a week now done and done with, even if it may not have been the most fun I had with, but today on this Sunday, I am able to have a respite and dwell inside the blues, sit on my seat I did eventually choose and now surrounded by the whole electric feel of the blues, skies, seas and my seat, for this day, are a perfect cheat for the mind wondering, before Monday rears its head once again and a new era of a week will begin.

Blue, Blues, Bluest

“The blues a beckons once again, I reckon, it’s that time of the day or week or even year, when all of it and us too, will be engulfed inside the coolest and calmest of blue“ Gun Roswell

Blue, Blues, Bluest

The blues of the day, when I first opened my eyes and onto the gorgeous scenery lay, those magnificent varied hues, making me shiver just out of the blue, with the pun included of course as today was all about becoming one with the blues.

The cooling and calming skies and waters, all now combined together, or so it seems even without the tether as the skies and endless seas are blurred in to each other like someone slurred the words out and then painted on top.

Blue, bluer, the bluest, those are the best of the hues, at least, today when all I want to do is sit and play the blues, and that is okay to do. Just enjoying the calmest of views, without too much to do, until perhaps some other colour takes their place, tomorrow.