Turquoise and Blue

“ There is blue, and then there is blue, the liquids of the pool, the ocean, all varying in their shade, and all I can do, is simply stare“ Gun Roswell

Turquoise and Blue

The pool waters beckoned for a dip into the calming waves, away from the hottest of suns, at least shining brightly for the day, much to the enjoyment of those worshippers fully on display.

The deep dive, will hopefully revive, all the heated up joints, skin and whatever the object of beaming light just might have touched, while in the hunger and greed took in too much of that which wasn’t really needed.

Then again, whom can blame, those wanting a moment in the warmth of the sun bask, as this kind of moment only a short while will last, and if the payment is some redness and a small rash, then all is well as long as moderation is something used as a guideline.

So, into the water, taking a dive, staying in the calming balm a tad longer, before finding some shade, as even if the sunny side is nice, taking in only some during each passing day is a must, despite the fact this kind of weather won’t last. 

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