Two colours of bikes

“So hard to choose, which ever you do, you won’t however lose!” Gun Roswell

Two colours of bikes

The blue or the red? 

What if there was some other colour instead?

Perhaps the dull grey one in the background?

But they all look all and fit and got that special it.

For hauling around groceries and other types of shit.

So, no matter which one you ultimately do pick.

They are going to be the ride of the day hit!

Enjoy the two wheeled peddling mobile!

Ride around until you too started feeling docile!

Yeah, just because it takes quite a lot of energy.

Simply to push those things up a slippery hill!

So a friendly warning to those with less of a chill (read bad shape due to no exercise):

Try not to take it too fast during round one, all you’ll become ill!

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