Two colours of bikes

“So hard to choose, which ever you do, you won’t however lose!” Gun Roswell

Two colours of bikes

The blue or the red? 

What if there was some other colour instead?

Perhaps the dull grey one in the background?

But they all look all and fit and got that special it.

For hauling around groceries and other types of shit.

So, no matter which one you ultimately do pick.

They are going to be the ride of the day hit!

Enjoy the two wheeled peddling mobile!

Ride around until you too started feeling docile!

Yeah, just because it takes quite a lot of energy.

Simply to push those things up a slippery hill!

So a friendly warning to those with less of a chill (read bad shape due to no exercise):

Try not to take it too fast during round one, all you’ll become ill!

The bike ride wrapped around the tree

“Not exactly the latest technology, the coolest of models or the fanciest of colours, but it will get you where you need to go to.” Gun Roswell

The bike ride wrapped around the tree

The busted ride, the bike from beyond the years alas even without any gears, while peddled will take the trip, just about anywhere imaginable without fear. Far or near.

Because old and rusted doesn’t necessarily mean useless, especially such a sturdy made ride, somewhat refurbished but mostly it’s just mostly basic.

Alas the riders are never complaining, as this man made two wheeled bike will always get you where you need.

Scooting in the streets

“The red bike looks so cool and it has a motor in it too! So as long as you’ve got gas, the ride can last! Better get going and have a blast!” Gun Roswell

Scooting in the streets

Bright red colour flashing in the busy streets, as that is all you see, a blur of colour when the rider takes this bike, this two wheeled ride for a spin, with a huge fat grin plastered onto their face and it as long there stays, as the ride on this scooty scoot bike lasts and it is most certainly a blast for both rider and those standing on the corners cheering the slow going mobile on.

Moped by the door

“The parked motorised bike by the door is the one to take to the store” Gun Roswell 

Moped by the door

The red paint, never looks plain, even on an old school bike like this scooter of a moped, which is so perfect for a trip around the nearby town, just because it won’t go too fast or even too far, and certainly is none too loud, still this old beast of burden is powerful enough at least, to haul som stuff back home from the store, because taking this red bike out for a stroll is certainly no bore.

Blue and the Moped

“Riding a small bike even if motorised can be a lot of fun, or at least, a nice sort of try?” Gun Roswell

Blue and the Moped

The ride of the day there on the sidewalk lay on a sunny day and as waking seemed like a chore, this tiny blue thing of a moped bike sounded less like a bore.

Paying the small fee, making sure the tank was filled, then hopping on and off into the slow pace of a street, the wind in the hair, well, someone said life isn’t fair, but on this day, it was at least so much fun!

Find a bike

“The snow of it all! Oh well, gotta go for a bike ride, just for the heck of it al!” Gun Roswell 

Find a bike

It might be a tad difficult to take a long ride on winter times and especially enjoying them just fine, because all of the snow and that’s not all!

As first of all before even getting on that ride you will actually have to find that damned bike in the midsts of all that snow!

Plow anyone?

But it f you find one under the pile of more than one, hope you will have some fun on them icy roads ahead! But most of all try not to be too afraid to fall off😊

Ready and Prepped for the slow Streets

“The small armoured vehicle might look cool and it totally is, even if it does not go too fast or too far, it mostly exists, just to be adored.“ Gun Roswell

Ready and Prepped for the slow Streets

City smart it might just be, simply so small and sleek, perhaps a little bit meek, but do not take it too seriously as despite its military outlook, it’s just made to look that way, not really an evil fascist machine rather something of a toy made just for the heck of it.

The small armoured car, which never travels too far, mainly staying in the one place, taking a tour for the fans sake as this is not a serious bait rather something built for the show and it might some minds blow simply because of how cute it looks, meant to do no harm while born on a farm and then taking its tours around the small city making people laugh and feel somewhat giddy.

Motorised Bikes

“Choosing which silvery ride to take out for a spin for the day, at least, in the daydreams as these are all expensive and reserved!“ Gun Roswell

Motorised Bikes

A sunny day, the open streets, and that feeling of which some people of speak?

You know the one, that scene, when riding down a long stretch with the wind in your hair and insects in your teeth?

Well, guess a helmet and a shield would be the proper attire what you seek!

Still, well prepped is half the fun, right? 

And so getting on that bike, whether a moped or a totally fancy ride ending up having some fun while riding towards the setting sun.

Riding Sideways

“The heavy lean sideways of the vehicle makes even the photographer dizzy and the camera to tilt as well!” Gun Roswell

Riding Sideways

The rickety cart with the two passengers tilted ominously on the slippery street

Not that this might have caused any of the discomfort in the picture seen

Alas the total sway of the vehicle, was something not foreseen

The driver most likely a first timer or then then it was just too few wheels

Whatever the case just might have been on this particular scene

In the end, the car on small wheels managed to arrive safely to the goal

And isn’t that just a god thing for the very scared soul having watched this odd show!

The Orange Bike

“The orange bike is certainly smart, visible from far and near, never having to fear, people falling under the two wheels” Gun Roswell

The Orange Bike

The bike with two wheel and just a few manual gears and a customised steering wheel, no electrical circuits, nothing electric at all, just some muscle power to use as force and move forward, while peddling away, the streets long and slippery, but as long as you keep going, moving those feet, there is nothing not to be able to achieve, while riding this distinctive orange coloured bike, visible to all, even from the far away distance, certainly a statement of its own, and so, that is the ride of the day, making an impact, wherever it may stay.