Reflected in a sparkly glass

“It’s some kind of philosophical reflection, of the very life, passing by, but reflected in a simple contract, a glass filled, with liquid“ Gun Roswell

Reflected in a sparkly glass

The setting sun, the wavy waters, life, as we know it, all of it contained, in a single glass, of some kind of liquid, sparkly at that, bubbly even, like some of the people only can be, but that is not the point which the onlooker seeks, rather looking in deeper.

And as they find out, that is only half of what there is to see, because if looking really carefully into the swirling liquid inside the glass, letting the old imagination loose, closing the trick filled eyes and what wonders can you really spy.

Mysteries from the past, the lives lived on these oceans, those people, watching the setting sun, just like the one, seeing the reflections now in the glass by the window sill, taking in the fill of what there is to see, behind the mind’s eye.

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