Gated Entrances

“Open the gate and step into the wondrous worlds hiding behind them” Gun Roswell

Gated Entrances

The secrets within, are kept hidden, from prying eyes, which all over do spy. But for a selected few, those who dare and do, the invitation is open for whenever they choose to get through and become the daring adventurers which made of are legends. And if getting your name in history, then this is the group you want to be joining in.

Stepping through gated entrances, has its advances. For those daring to take the trip and go and seek, whatever secrets may lie behind the curtains neat. And that is the would be feat for those few peeps. After all, there are no others there blocking the doors so whatever the places have in store, most certainly is no bore and that is for sure.

But, there is a far warning attached here too, and signing it, well, there is really no-one to sue. Because there are dangers out there too and those chosen few, are facing them each time while stepping through a gate. So, if you are one of those who do hesitate, then maybe this is a trip you should not take. Rather leave it to those daring venturers, who fear nothing, not even the odd chance of never returning from a place.

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