The rose painted

“The rose might the thorny, but it’s still quite pretty, and when painted in the colours of many, what is there to complain about?“ Gun Roswell

The rose painted

The rose, with its stem filled with spiky thorns, easily the sensitive skin got torn, with one simple touch, followed by a loud ‘ouch!’ Followed by too much blood, it was too painful to even watch.

Luckily, and aid was found, in the form of an bandaid, which really was nothing to fuss about, even the one whom so loudly did shout, was left embarrassed at best, for doing such a stupid thing in the first place.

A rose, is a gorgeous creature, one created by Mother Nature, not to be touched and fondled, but only from a far admired, and so, thorns or not, the simple message here is; do not touch!

Try another approach, while seated on the porch, perhaps a canvas bring forth, with colours of plenty it is time to start painting, making the memory, of the rose, in a perfect pose, before it will be gone.

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