Happy World Television Day!

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“We owe a lot to Thomas Edison
– if it wasn’t for him,
we’d be watching television by candlelight”
Milton Berle

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World Television Day

Where would we be
Without our TV

No one or nothing
To guide us
Shining the light on us
The knowledge and wisdom shared
For no one can be spared
From the power of

Long live Television
Our one and true vision 😉

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“When I got my first television set,
I stopped caring so much about having close relationships”
Andy Warhol       

“Television is an invention that permits you
to be entertained in your living room
by people you wouldn’t have in your home”
David Frost

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“Television has brought back murder into the home
– where it belongs”
Alfred Hitchcock

Happy Birthday Dame Julie Andrews!

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Mary Poppins   gender-benders-julie-andrews_0

“Sometimes I’m so sweet even I can’t stand it.”
Julie Andrews

Happy Birthday Dame Julie Andrews!

The hills are alive
With the sound of Julie
Moving along with a jive
An ageless beauty

Victor Victoria and The Sound of Music
With Mary Poppins adds to pure magic
Theatre, movies, musicals and records
Hitting the set of perfect chords
A truly multitalented performer
With a knack of being a transformer

Damehood received
Fans very pleased
Our Dame Julie
We love you truly


Cats: Rulers of the World

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Photo credits Miranda/Jessica Solingius

“I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat” Edgar Allan Poe

Cats: Rulers of the World

They run your world
Despite whatever you heard
Twisting you around their tall tails
Urging you to run on nails
You will jump when they hail
“Yes Ma’am” you hear yourself say
When they approach you with a sway
And tell you it is time to play

Cats, are the rulers of the world
Sometimes you may hear yourself say “shit”
But you have to admit
You are loving every minute of it

Happy Birthday Sir Pat!

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“A couple of years ago, I was asked, ‘How would you like to be remembered?’ And my answer was ‘That I was very funny.’” Sir Patrick Stewart

Happy Birthday Sir Pat!

Main Pat Stew

Totally charming
Maybe even utterly harming
When you make us laugh
And make us cry
With a voice like that
Sir Pat in a hat
Canny as a cat
Who could resist
Of being kissed
By a great fellow
You’re hell of’
An actor, a Captain and a King
And even able to sing!

patrictstewart 3  Patrick-Stewart 2

Wishing you a merry, happy and utterly great Birthday
And as the cliche goes, if I may

“Live Long And Prosper
Oh, Captain of Captains!”

Patrick-Stewart 4

Mother of the Day

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“God could not be everywhere,
and therefore he made mothers”
Rudyard Kipling

Mother of the Day

A Mother is pretty
A Mother is witty
A Mother is sometimes shitty

A Mother is all knowing
A Mother is easy going
A Mother is exploding

A Mother is loving
A Mother is giving
A Mother is bluffing

A Mother is organized
A Mother is stylized
A Mother is sometimes unwise

A Mother is, simply my Mother

The Girl and The Cat (two)

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Photo credits Miranda Kuusisto, Jessica Solingius

“Cats are like music:
It is foolish to try to explain their worth
to those who do not appreciate them”

The Girl and The Cat

No time to chase a rat
No time for a little chat
Not even an eyelid will bat

No time for the internet
Nothing playing on the cassette
Nothing moves, on the chess set

Continued in part three

Happy Birthday, Kate Mulgrew!

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Happy Birthday, Kate Mulgrew!

“I think people think I’m accessible. I’m never treated as a star, either by fans or other actors, and I like it like that. I don’t get the star treatment. I think that means I’m a good actor. They acknowledge me as a human being, and to me, that’s invalua.”
— Kate Mulgrew

Captain, My Captain




Live Long and Prosper Queen Elizabeth II

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“Let us not take ourselves too seriously. None of us has a monopoly on wisdom” Queen Elizabeth II

Live Long and Prosper Queen Elizabeth II

Who would have thought
Of being in the same job
For some sixty three years
– Surely worth some cheers

You’re part of the folk
Even cracked a few jokes
You got street smarts
And certainly won our hearts

Pink, purple or blue
To name but a few
The colours like your spirit
Would inspire many lyrics

Wishes for
Many more
Years of reign
Hear our hail:

Long Live the Queen,
And surely and sincerely
A very happy 91st birthday!

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