All in the Family for TBT

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“Remember, as far as everyone knows, we are a nice, normal family!”

All in the Family

Can’t live with them
Can’t live with them
That is really all that can be said
Rather than whining, I wrote this ode instead

I would like to put them in a box
And take them out when ever needed
But there is a warning to be headed
They really are quite crazy
Maybe a little hazy
And cunning like the fox
The may not be my kind of crazy
But they are still family
Even though scattered all over
Like a five leaf clover
I still have the luxury
Maybe even compulsory
To keep in touch with them
Thank Goodness for such gems
As Instagram and Facebook
Now we are all hooked

So without resistance
Lets enjoy the distance
No just kidding
I love you guys!

pete-jimi-laura-mira  pete-jimi-laura-mira-2

peppi,-baab,-tiina  jossu_co

mommy  mira-jimi3  laura-jimi2

 laura   minttu-jossu-mamma

laura-mira    jimi-laura

chick-with-gun  chick-with-gun2  mira-jimi2

beast-of-burden    are-you-threathing-me

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