Pillars of the queendom 

Athens, Greece

“They are the very essence of the structure, the very base of it standing, keeping things up and perhaps even running“ Gun Roswell 

Pillars of the queendom 

The rough looking ancient construct, not much to look at, not anymore anyway, but they are still standing there, smaller than before, albeit in somewhat of a rubble state, still keeping it all together as they are the tether, the glue, the very basis of the structure and so, despite the demise of the general of the house, some of it is still present today, even if the builders let it fall into a disarray, la long time ago. But thanks to these bold pillars still going on strong, building upon them to gently restore, the home of those who came before, is but an task so much motor easier than anticipated. And so without too much of hesitation, a new life is finally given to them, and when completed, this building too will stand tall and for a very long time, soon becoming a steppingstone so fine, a baseline of sorts,  for a whole queendom to be brought forth, the old and the new coming together, joined at the pillars with the invisible tether, standing in the same place, possibly even forever.

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