Small island life 

Verbania, Italy

“It would be nice to live on a small island in the middle of nowhere much, then again, I might miss some creature comforts” Gun Roswell

Small island life 

The island beckoning, small as it is, the town with only two buildings and a few people there, the rest of it just trees and sandy shores totally free as far as eyes can see, well, at least, for the short stretch, as this is a minuscule island resort, far away from the highlands, and that is fine, as this land might be small, but it’s not crowded and that makes me smile, as all the vile of the big city, never made me feel giddy, not like this place does, and without any kind of fuss, being oneself the key, these people don’t care or flee, even if sometimes in your underwear you like to sprint across the main street, not a feat though as the distance is quite short, pretty much the diameter the island across. And even if this might not be a permanent residence, there is nothing so good sometimes rouging it out, the creature comforts soon forgotten, as the peace and quiet caresses the senses on the verge of total stress, the small island life, can be a strife, but also, a great big reward, if you balance it all right.

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