Ancient homes still standing bold

“They are built to last, out of stone, from the past, carved with pride, for the durance of time“ Gun Roswell

Ancient homes still standing bold

They stand there, partly broken, but somewhat in tact, the materials used for building, had ensured they would last, so that now those of us historically inclined, can stand here and them admire, at least until such time, that they might expire, but the doubt it will happen in our lifetime, or even the next is very high, as most likely, these dwellings, made for living, commerce and even worship, will be there for the foreseeable future, even it them we would no longer nurture. But for now, there is no debate of that, rather the simple fact remains, that we, need them to preserve and make sure of so many more generations to come, this, our history, our legacy, will survive and then we can pat ourselves on the backs of a job well done, and stand there in awe to admire the end result. The beauty of the past, whether a painting, a statue or even a brick, is worth our attention, and so, we do go on admiring and making sure, there will be so much more under our watchful preservation.

To build a summer cottage by the seashore

“The summer still continues, even if it is starting to fall, towards the winter season, simply, green all over, maybe a nature’s treason?” Gun Roswell

To build a summer cottage by the seashore

The tiny wooden made shack, by the seashore stands, sideways slacked
It’s really not much to look at, just a few odd planks together stacked
But for the one that built it, this little house, might just be, the perfect fit
A summer’s cottage, or a simple, almost a tent type thing, on the beach sits

Alas, the rough and unforgiving autumn winds soon will fall
Upon each and every single plane, even up, to this remote shore
If the tiny summer cottage will the beating of weather’s wrath survive 
Then come next spring, the dweller will have a place to return just fine

But, until that time, the sun will still shine
The clear blue waters and even the skies
Will be totally able to provide
The needed light and warmth to get by

Here in the tiny beach house, oh so divine