Hanging on a chandelier 

“There is just something so ape like, like going back in time, whenever one gets a chance to hang from a fancy lamp, a chandelier therms call it!“ Gun Roswell 

Hanging on a chandelier 

The brightly lit, glimmering glitzy glam tacky bling bling of an ornament hung from the tallest spot on the best one there on the dot of very roof, which was supporting the house from rain hail and all the things non too nice for sure.

But when the darkness falls, and the other lights are set to lowest of lows, that is when the bling of a thing takes its spotlight, shining brightly, the dangles from it reflecting all the rainbow colours on to the walls.

And when that happens, there is a ball, even if it’s held for just the one person, who likes it just so, because then they can dance and brawl all alone, before finally taking it to the max and climbing up the rack, because hanging from the real fancy lamp, is certainly a must y’all.

Rainbow city vibes

Madrid, Spain

“The night time is great for a walkabout the town, especially when in a new place and wanting to explore it all” Gun Roswell

Rainbow city vibes

The city darkened for the night, and if it wasn’t for the many coloured lights, it might be quite the fright for the uninitiated traveller, to step outside into the great unknown open wide.

But if you think about it, and let the great explorer in you take flight, then you just might enjoy the nuances of it all, the new and the old and even blue with a great big smile.

Take the plunge, phaser set to for fun, as the tall streets inviting, with all the rainbow coloured lighting beckons the timid and the courageous for a walkabout, around town, giving up that permanent frown as the night is filled with exploration, in this stranger of a nation.

Up and down the streets to travel, snapping pix of all kinds of apparel, basically, whatever strange and new, even old, be bold and approach, not with caution, but with curiosity, and take it all in with a stride, let your heart sing, as this is new territory, for you at least, and then later on, there will be time for a feast. 

Madrid, Spain

The lit path ahead

“The nightly road ahead, can be scary, when walking alone, no matter how up and grown one might be, but luckily, the snow and the lights carefully placed along, it is a much easier task to make the way home” Gun Roswell

The lit path ahead

The dark and long night, had a scary quality and not just the sight, of the long road ahead, to be walked in complete darkness as not even the moon was out this night. But as they weary traveller looked ahead, the path set up front was seemingly clear, not what the traveller had expected at all, rather now, getting more and more bold in getting on that trip, as the snow had fallen only moments ago, leaving a soft and glimmering trail to be followed, and to top the end of the formerly felt horrors on embarking on this path, the lights were now on, shining so brightly, it was almost like the darkness had rescinded and it felt more safe, almost like walking in broad daylight. So, without any further hesitation, the traveller got a new sense of self and with a deep breath and a resolve, started on the lit path, as it had been foretold.

Peekaboo through the trees I can finally see

“The trees look so tall and slim during the winter time when they are stripped of their leaves, almost as if they had been on a diet of sorts“ Gun Roswell

Peekaboo through the trees I can finally see

The lamp was trying to grow oh so very tall, and as big and broad as the all mighty trees it was now permanently stuck in between. But as it was now the time of winter, the tall trees, had become slimmer, making the lamp a tad bolder and sure of its goals, because now, despite all the snow, it was becoming as detectable as the tall trees, as others could it actually see it, behind the dark branches, which during this season, were not so big and bold after all. Peeking from behind of the green leaves had never been fun for the lamp who was trying to shine its faded light to all beneath, but now, it seemed, that during this cold and dark season, it once again had a reason, a stance of its own even, shining the light between the snowy trees, and if possible, growing even taller, or at least, that was the lamps forever dream.

Cozy warm lights on the window sill

In the late evening in winter time. when it’s really, really dark outside, the cozy lights are lit up, just for the simple feeling of warmth and perhaps of the memories of summertime“ Gun Roswell 

Cozy warm lights on the window sill

The reds, the blues, the greens and all the yellows, are the warming colours, of artificial lights, set up on the window sill, not to chill, rather to give the illusion of the warmest night, even when it’s very cold outside in the world wide, and perhaps to give a small smile, to whomever might be passing by the window, out there on the street close to home, and then maybe the very cold they were feeling just then did no longer make them shiver and shake. But mostly, these colour filled lights were there for the delight of oneself, to bring a little bit of that summer feeling into the home, during the dark times taking so long, getting the inspiration of going on, until the shining sun would finally come along and shine the warming colour filled light upon, the cold of the outside, making it all filled with colours and light, but for now, these small electrical devices would do just fine, perhaps even bringing some much needed delights to the dark and daily grind.

Seasonal Spirits

“Greetings to one and all, holiday and seasonal cheer in tow” Gun Roswell

Seasonal Spirits

When this season is upon us once again with the realest of feel
And it is the time when the home becomes filled with smells and kind of a cheer
Maybe even catch a glimpse of the grumpiest of neighbours with leer
It is the time with colours and lights so bright, the X-mas Eve is sure to be near

The colours and lights of green and red
Filling each corner of this small homestead
No time for sleep, just jump out of bed
And get out now the holiday spirits to spread

But if you are not feeling this thing at all
Never, mind, not everyone can have it all
Just try to be cool and then, just stand tall
And maybe, for a beer, head out to the nearest mall


“Illuminating the path in the darkness, lights of vary” Gun Roswell


When the darkness descends
Do not worry, you don’t have to spend
Your time in total blackness
Just wait a short moment
And try to hold strong

Now, look up!
There, in the far distance!
Now, you see!


The many lights are turning on
The nightly streets, filled with life and laughter
The place is none the mad place
You were afraid to enter
But aren’t you glad, you went there

December lights I two

“December is a month of great expectations” Gun Roswell

December lights 

An angel called, asking, if we seen a pair of wings
You see, when on a drunken binge
When on the stage and trying some karaoke to sing
She had misplaced them after doing a new thing

A split like move, while finding her groove
Mixing the proverbial stew, with something totally new
Just on herself to improve and the audience to prove
An angel could do, much more than anyone knew

December lights I one

“December is a month of great expectations” Gun Roswell

December lights 

The sun setting on this dark eve
And for a while it cannot be seen
Polar nights have taken the skies
As a hostage for a longer while

But even in the darkness
There is something which can impress
The holiday season around the corner
All them lights shining from top to floor