Hanging on a chandelier 

“There is just something so ape like, like going back in time, whenever one gets a chance to hang from a fancy lamp, a chandelier therms call it!“ Gun Roswell 

Hanging on a chandelier 

The brightly lit, glimmering glitzy glam tacky bling bling of an ornament hung from the tallest spot on the best one there on the dot of very roof, which was supporting the house from rain hail and all the things non too nice for sure.

But when the darkness falls, and the other lights are set to lowest of lows, that is when the bling of a thing takes its spotlight, shining brightly, the dangles from it reflecting all the rainbow colours on to the walls.

And when that happens, there is a ball, even if it’s held for just the one person, who likes it just so, because then they can dance and brawl all alone, before finally taking it to the max and climbing up the rack, because hanging from the real fancy lamp, is certainly a must y’all.

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